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Subject: TOURBUS - 11 Nov 1997 - Converters and Calculators

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Converters and Calculators

If you've ever wondered how many whatzits are in a thingamajig, is a website with answers!  We'll be touring this
nifty site today, but first please check out SNAGIT (see above) and
the good stuff at Twin Peaks.  Our faithful sponsors keep the Bus
rolling, so pop in and say thanks.

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+---- CLICK HERE: ------  -----------------------+ is a very cool collection of converters and
calculators covering weights, measures and units.  You can convert
miles to kilometers, gallons to liters, find out how many seconds old
you are, how many quarts in a chaldron, and what the heck a
nebuchadnezzar is.  For just about anything you can think of,
megaConverter can show you its equivalent.

Here's a list of the conversions you can try: Angles, Area, Astro
Distance, Density, Energy, Finance-Interest, Force, Foreign Length,
Heat Index, Kitchen Measures, Length, Mass & Weight, Metric Prefixes,
Nails(hardware), Payment Predictor, Power, Pressure, RGB to Hex, Shot
Count, Speed, Temperature, Time, Typography, Volume, Wind Chill, Wine
& Spirits, Wire Density, Wire Resistance, and Zillions.

You'll find that megaConverter is a great source for conversions as
well as being just plain fun and educational.  Call up the
megaConverter page at one of these addresses (upper/lower case is
important here):  (For Netscape)  (Internet Explorer/AOL)

   Note: If your browser is not Javascript capable, you will not be
         able to use this site.

You can try out the converters in two ways.  The first (and coolest)
way to get started is to use the cute little gizmo they call the
Amazing Selector Dial (for Netscape Navigator 3.0+ users only).  It's
a spinning dial where you move your mouse cursor around the dial
(without clicking) as if you were actually turning a control knob.
Through the magic of JavaScript, the dial spins and displays the
names of the various converters.  Once you find the converter you
want, go ahead and click.

If you're using AOL or Internet Explorer, try the Selector List.
Scroll through the list of converters, click on your choice, then
click the "GO" button.  Whether you use the Selector Dial or the
Selector List, a small window will pop up showing the converter or
calculator you've selected.

For example, if you select "Astro Distance", you could find out that
one light year is just a scant 9,460,753,090,819 kilometers, or if
you prefer .3066 parsecs.  All together now, in the key of C...
"It's a small universe after all.  It's a small, small universe."


I knew you'd ask that question.  Fortunately, there is a way to
request new megaConverters if you don't find one that suits your
needs.  Just click on the "Got Any MegaIdeas" button and fill in the
form to submit your idea or suggestion.  With a little luck, you'll
have that Quark-to-Cookie conversion utility in a few days.


Now this is even cooler.  Another feature of this site is a totally
web-based scientific calculator offering most any calculator function
you can imagine.  You can add, subtract, multiply, divide, take
square roots, do powers, logarithms, sin, cosine, tangent,
statistical functions and more.  And soon, the MegaCalculator will
have hex to decimal conversions, hyperbolic functions, and even
programmability!  You can access the calculator by clicking on a
button at the bottom of the megaConverter site, or go directly to:


There's one more the piece of this site with some stuff you may find
interesting.  The Mega Joke Reader is a a database with over 200
jokes on line.  They're broken down into 10 categories so you can
find jokes that fit your mood and/or preference.  According to the
megaProprietors, they plan to have one of the largest collections of
jokes on the Web.

As of today, the categories available are: Arts & Entertainment,
Battle of the Sexes, Computer & Technical, Darwin & Wierd News,
General, Holiday, Religion & Politics, Sports, Tacky, Top Ten Lists,
and Work & Career.  You can access the Joke Reader by clicking on the
megaResource button at the bottom of the megaConverter site, or go
directly to:

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The creators of this site have exploited the power of JavaScript in
some innovative ways.  If you're a web geek, sneak a peak at the HTML
code and you'll learn a lot.  Enjoy, and see you next time!  --Bob

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