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Subject: TOURBUS - 16 Dec 1997 - The End Is Near!

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                TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: The End Is Near!

Hi All!  I hope you've enjoyed your ride on the TOURBUS, because we only
have time for two more issues before a hideous computer virus utterly
destroys every computer on the planet.  So the only sane thing to do is

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Yes, it's true...  on December 25, 1997 the dreaded PANTS/HAGIS "logic
bomb" will wreak havoc on computers worldwide unless the demands of
these two cyber-terrorists to release their hacker friend from prison
are met.  Or so the rumor goes -- but don't believe it.

Actually, the truth is this: The ever popular website was in
fact penetrated by hackers on December 8th, and for a few minutes, the
following appeared in place of Yahoo's home page:

>  P4NTZ/H4GiS - W0RLD D0M1N4T10N '97
>  For the past month, anyone who has viewed Yahoo's page & used
>  their search engine, now has a logic bomb/worm implanted deep
>  within their computer.
>  On Christmas Day, 1997, the logic bomb part of this 'virus,' will
>  become active, wreaking havoc upon the entire planet's networks.
>  The virus can be stopped.   But not by mortals.
>  The PANTS/HAGIS alliance has taken control of the world's computers.
>  We own everyone, and everything. No one is safe. No computer is safe.
>  Our goal, which we have achieved, is world domination.

Yahoo's monitoring system alerted them to the problem, and the spoof
(which was visible only to a tiny fraction of users with non-frames
browsers) was taken down within 15 minutes.  Yahoo denies that any other
damage was done to their site, and dismisses the notion that any virus
could have been transmitted from their site to visitors' computers.
"There absolutely is no virus," says Yahoo spokeswoman Diane Hunt, and
computer security experts agree.  (For more info on the Yahoo hack, see

So if you're one of the 26 million people to use in the past
month, rest easy - your computer is safe.  It's silly to think that a
virus could be invented that would be transmitted to every person
visiting a certain website, regardless of what kind of computer or web
browser the visitor uses.

But belief in this kind of stuff rages like wildfire on the Net.  That's
why it's important to avoid the urge to pass along ANY virus alert.  You
can't get a virus just by opening your e-mail.  You can't get a virus by
simply visiting a website.  Period.  Really.

Next time you come across one of those ***VIRUS ALERT*** messages, don't
send it to a hundred friends.  Instead visit the Computer Virus Myths
Homepage at


and learn the truth.  This is a great site with information on dozens of
common virus myths.

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Tune in Thursday for a posting from guest driver Bob Crispen (that's
Patrick's father).  Patrick is having oral surgery on Tuesday and will
be out of action for a couple weeks, so we'll be covering.  I might even
find a Southern Word or two!   --Bob Rankin

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