Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 17:50:07 -0500
From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 13 Jan 1998 - The Fly On Her Nose

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   TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPICS: TV, Translations and The Fly on Her Nose

Hi All - Sorry this Bus is pulling out of the station a bit late, but
I've been busy working on some big projects, one of which I'll talk
about today.  To start, I want to give you a quick heads up on some
new web-based services you may find useful.


First, there's InfoBeat's new TV TONIGHT service, which will send you
a daily e-mail with program listings for your favorite TV stations.
You can choose to get the major US networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS,
etc.) and/or the listings for several dozen cable stations (A&E, HBO,
CNN and many others.)

Although it looks like this TV listing service applies only to people
in the US (and maybe Canada), you should check out all the other
nifty offerings at InfoBeat, including Finance, Sports,
Entertainment, News, Snow, Weather, and Reminders.  I find InfoBeat
so useful that I've gotten to the point where I rarely read the
newspaper anymore!  Check it out at


Have you been to AltaVista recently?  Even if you have, you may have
missed a really cool new feature they slipped in about a week ago.  Go
ahead, search for whatever...  now look at the results.  See that
little "Translate" link next to each search result?

If you click there, you can translate the web page you just found
into several different languages.  For example, if the page is
written in English, and you're more fluent in French, choose
"Translate" and then select "English to French".  Et voila - le
document est en Francais!  You can translate webpages from and to
these languages:

   English to French       French to English
   English to Spanish      Spanish to English
   English to German       German to English
   English to Italian      Italian to English
   English to Portuguese   Portuguese to English

Even cooler, you can just type in your own word or phrase in the
input box, instead of a web page address (URL) and AltaVista will
translate it to the requested language.  For me, it's a great service
because I get hundreds of e-mails a day and some are written in
languages I can't read well.  Thanks to AltaVista, I now know how to
say "Get a life, Bozo" in six languages.  :-)

Before you try this nifty gadget, take note of this message from
the people who created the AltaVista Translation Service:

> Remember that a computer -- not an actual human translator --
> translates the text.  Computerized translations often miss subtle
> meanings of words and don't accurately present many common sayings.
> AltaVista Translation Assistant provides you with a tool to
> translate a grammatically correct document into something
> comprehensible, but not perfect.

You can try out the AltaVista Translation Service by visiting the
AltaVista site at


My brand new book JUNO: FREE E-MAIL AND MORE! is now available.
Millions of people use the free Juno service to send and receive
e-mail, but this must-have book reveals the secrets of using it to
the max!  Learn how to access the Web, even though they say you
can't.  Download files from the Internet, tap into Usenet and online
databases...  all for free.  You can order digital pizza, send free
faxes worldwide, and play games by e-mail using your Juno account.
This tell-all book shows you how, and uncovers some cool undocumented
features too.

Juno is good software, but it doesn't come with a manual.  This book
solves that problem by covering installation, e-mail basics, and how
to use all the powerful features of the Juno service.  You'll learn
about Netiquette, Spam, Flames and e-mail privacy.  And after a
concise introduction to the Internet, you'll discover how to tap into
the wonders of the online world.

It's a great book for Internet beginners or anyone who wants to
exploit the power of the free Juno e-mail service.  Read it and find
out why Dan Akst of the Los Angeles Times calls Doctor Bob the
"E-Mail Authority". At the very least, you should visit my home page
to read sample chapters and see the cool cover of this book.  I
guarantee it's the only computer book that features a beautiful woman
with a fly on her nose!


For secure online credit card ordering, visit

To order by fax or mail, send credit card info, U.S. check or money
order (payable to BOB RANKIN) with your name, address and number of
copies desired to:

   PO BOX 39, DEPT J1
   TILLSON, NY 12486 USA
   FAX: 914-658-3351

The cover price is $14.95, but I'm offering it to all my TOURBUS
pals for $12.95 plus shipping, as shown below:

    USA Book Rate       $3  (7-10 days)
    USA Priority Mail   $5  (3-5 days)
    Canada              $6  (Airmail)

Note: You can only use Juno from inside the United States or Puerto
Rico, but you can send to or receive e-mail from any Internet address

Ask about quantity discounts for groups, classes or resale.  See
you next time!   --Bob

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