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Subject: TOURBUS - 20 Jan 1998 - FILEDUDES

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: FileDudes

Hi All!  Today I've got a nifty site to review that'll help you find
Internet software in a jiffy.  But before we begin, all of you with
inkjet printers should check out the products offered by today's
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Thanks to rider Peggy Waldmann for letting me know about FILEDUDES, a
really nice site that'll help you find all the Internet software you
need for web browsing, website design, e-mail reading, file transfer
and about 30 other categories.

If you've been riding the Bus for a while, you may remember my post
from last March titled "Finding Internet Software, in which I
reviewed the CWSAPPS and TUCOWS sites.  Basically these sites provide
categorized listings of Internet software, with reviews and links to
the download sites.  But FILEDUDES is really worth a look because:

1) The site is fast-loading and quick to navigate
2) They offer Macintosh listings in addition to Win95 and Win3.1
3) It's got personality - the "dudes" graphics are entertaining

When you arrive at the FILEDUDES website, located at

you can search for a specific keyword, view recent additions to the
site in the "What's New" section, check out the "Random Pick of the
Day", or jump right to the category list for Windows 95, Windows 3.1
or Macintosh.  If you're visiting for the first time and you don't
have something specific in mind, just click on the entry for your
computer's operating system and you'll be find a grid listing
categories such as:

  Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Audio Apps, Audio/Video Chat,
  Bookmark Utils, Censorship, Compression, Cookie Utils,
  Dialers, E-Mail Readers, Entertainment, FTP Programs,
  HTML Editors, IRC, Image Viewers, Log Analyzers, Movie Viewers,
  Network Sharing, News Readers, Offline Apps, Screen Capturing,
  Security Apps, Stock Quotes, Telnet, Web Browsers,
  Web Search Bots, and Web Servers

Now don't worry if some or even most of those don't make any sense to
you.  Only a true cybergeek would find them all useful.  But you
might come away with some useful tools if you browse around a bit.

For example, under the Stock Quotes heading, you can find a program
called the Quote Ticker Bar, which will bring stock prices from Wall
Street right to your desktop.  Or if you're into sound, the Audio
Apps category has a bunch of apps to play or edit sound files.  The
Web Browser section lists alternatives to the ubiquitous Netscape/IE
duo, and under Dialers you can pick up a replacement for the lame
Internet dialer that comes with Win95.

The reviews are crisp and concise, and most programs are rated with
one to five stars.  Particularly nice is the feature that allows you
to view listings in a category and quickly jump to the corresponding
items for the other operating systems.  Pay a visit to FILEDUDES, and
grab some cool new Internet software to make your surfing more fun!

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See you next time!  --Bob

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