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Subject: TOURBUS - 03 Feb 1998 - The Mining Company

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP:    The Mining Company

Hi All!  Today's issue features a writeup of The Mining Company, by
guest drivers by Jen and Matt Rosenberg.  I'm sure you'll find it
useful, but don't forget to pay a visit to Intel's cool Connected PC
site before the Bus pulls out of the station...

<------------------>  LEARN ABOUT THE INTERNET  <------------------>
           Wondering what your PC can do and how to get the
              most out of the Internet? Learn more here!

Oh, and one more thing.  After months of work, I'm ready to unveil
my latest web creation.  FlowersFast.Com is a spiffy online flower
store, offering Roses, Bouquets and unique floral gift items.  We
feature excellent prices, same-day delivery and secure ordering.

Hey, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so pop in and have
a look around!  The address (if you couldn't guess already) is:

by Jen Rosenberg (
and Matt Rosenberg (

  There are so many sites on the web, how do you find what you're
  looking for?  The search engines are helpful but they give you
  thousands of results for just one simple request.  Searching also
  yields a plethora of "dead" links.  The Mining Company
  ( is the answer to these problems.

  The Mining Company is a network of over 500 sites, each with a
  specific topic.  Each site, thus each topic, is run by an
  individual person, a Guide, who is experienced in that field and
  has completed an online training process.  The Guide for each topic
  hunts for the best links (and keeps them updated), writes articles
  about the topic, and moderates chats and bulletin boards as well.
  The Mining Company sites are configured so that if you are looking
  for something specific or if you want a community in which to learn
  and share ideas - it's all there.

  Guides select, annotate, and catalog links to only the best sites
  on the Internet for their subject area.  Their collection of Net
  Links will allow you to quickly find the resources you need.  For
  example, the other day, we needed to find whether a certain stock
  was part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  We went to Michael
  Griffis's site ( and found the
  information we needed in his listing of Net Links.

  Each Guide writes weekly articles which focus on specific topics
  within their subject area.  Whether you're a novice or an expert in
  a subject, the Guide's features are sure to present you with some
  valuable insight and background.  Melissa Snell's articles about
  Medieval and Renaissance history
  ( will give you insights into
  such topics as Beowulf and slavery in the Middle Ages.

  Mining Company sites are quite interactive.  Want to discuss a
  topic or ask a question?  Visit the chat rooms and bulletin boards.
  Guides schedule specific chat sessions and many sites have chat
  rooms which are active 24 hours a day.  Robin Weiss
  ( has daily scheduled chats for
  moms-to-be in various stages of pregnancy.

  Bulletin boards have also become beehives of activity and are a
  great place to ask questions since the Guide as well as the rest of
  the community is there to answer.  Cindy Pierson's horse racing
  bulletin board ( has diverse
  discussions from the Kentucky Derby to the retirement of horses.

  To further keep community members updated, most sites offer a
  regular email newsletter.  David Emery's urban legends newsletter
  ( keeps you informed of the latest
  scams and fallacies spreading across the net.

  The Mining Company isn't just a place to find a comprehensive
  directory of web sites, its a community for every interest, from
  chemical engineering to sports card collecting.  You can bookmark a
  Mining Company site and become involved by joining chats, posting
  to the bulletin board, and subscribing to the newsletter.  It's a
  great place for community online.  You can find a Mining Company
  site for your interests by selecting any of thirteen categories on
  the left side of The Mining Company home page
  (  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy mining the Net this week.  See you next time.  --Bob

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