From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 24 March 1998 - Log-Me-On / My DejaNews

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Log-Me-On / My Deja News

Today's issue of TOURBUS is brought to you by the nice folks at, and INTEL, producers of the Connected PC Web
site.  Check 'em out!

+++---------------  MAKE AN INTERNET PHONE CALL  -----------------+++
         Use   The   Internet   To   Call   Your   Friends.
------------- a new web-based service that offers to combine your bookmarks
with your address book.  The idea makes sense - instead of storing
the addresses of your e-mail correspondents and favorite web sites on
your computer, you can store them on the web, and access them from
any computer in the world that's connected to the Net.

If you use more than one computer, a mix of e-mail programs, or
multiple web browsers, this could be a real time saver.  Using's approach, you no longer have to be concerned about
which computer, browser, or e-mail program you happen to be using.

I've always been annoyed by the fact that Netscape and Internet
Explorer can't share a bookmark file. stores links to
your favorite web sites, effectively becoming your bookmark file.  It
even stores usernames and passwords for sites that need them, and
will automatically enter them for you when you visit that site.

And while I'm griping, it irks me that all my Eudora address book
entries are useless when I want to sent a quick note with Netscape
Mail. stores your e-mail address book, so you can send
messages to friends from any computer by clicking a button.  No
e-mail software is necessary, since the message is sent through's mail servers.

Both of these features are useful for anyone who travels, or uses
more than one computer.  Check it out at

My Deja News

Along the same lines of moving functionality from your computer to
the web, you might be interested in My Deja News, a web-based Usenet
newsgroup reader.

If you've been reading Tourbus for long, you probably know and love
DejaNews as the "searchable archive of usenet".  Now they're offering
a set of news-reading features personalized specifically for you.
These features include:

  * Subscriptions to newsgroups
  * Remembering which articles you've already read
  * The ability to post a message to a newsgroup using Deja News

This might solve several problems for you:

  - you don't want to install and configure newsreader software
  - your company does not allow or support Usenet access
  - DejaNews does not store binaries, and filters out most spam,
    so you are unlikely to accidentally download stuff that might
    result in an interview with the HR manager.

When you register to use the free My Deja news service, it will
optionally subscribe you to a starter set of discussion groups based
upon your stated interests.  That's nice for people who don't have
all 50,000 newsgroup names memorized yet.  To try out this service,
visit and click on the My Deja News icon.


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See you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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