Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:42:53 -0500
From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 31 March 1998 - Intel / Oddballs

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         TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Intel Owners Club / Oddballs

Greetings to Tourbus riders, far and wide, and welcome to the 500 new
folks boarding last week.  You're in good company, joining 80,000
others in 130 countries all around the world!  Today, we're going to
visit two sites -- one high tech, and the other highly fascinating.

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---------------------- a free club for owners of Intel computer products.  So if
you've ever owned a PC in the last 20 years, you probably qualify.

(All you Mac folks will just have to sweat this one out.  My
co-driver Patrick and I are different in a lot of ways.  I'm from the
North and he's from the South.  I use a PC, he uses a Mac.  Now, I'm
not saying that's NECESSARILY the reason he hasn't graduated yet and
always complains about not being able to get a date, but you can draw
your own conclusions.  :-)  And we'll leave it to Patrick to bring
you a really cool Mac site sometime soon.)

Getting back to the Intel Owner's Club - if you really enjoy
technology...  if you want to squeeze the most out of your system...
if you want the scoop on the latest in PC technology hot off the
press...  then you should definitely join the Club.

The Club's website contains a wealth of information about Intel
products and how they're made.  You can also download lots of
software for home or business applications, including some games that
take full advantage of the latest Pentium II features.  Oh, and there
are screen savers, desktop themes, and wallpaper a-plenty for free
downloading too.  Intel Inside, and Intel Outside...

In addition to the website, members receive a free monthly e-mail
newsletter with PC performance tips, info on new software and
technologies, and Owner's Club exclusive sneak peeks & downloads.
Just as an example, the last issue of the newsletter told how to
download pre-release copies of the new INCOMING! and BATTLE ZONE
games.  There were tips on using CDDB to download and store CD music
artist, title, and track information onto your PC and how to play
Quake II like a pro.

Club members also have the opportunity to win software and hardware
prizes in ongoing giveaways.  And in the near future, you'll have a
chance to chat directly with Intel engineers who design the latest
chips.  Check out the Intel Owner's Club on the web here:


I have a friend who likes to collect oddballs.  Jim Bennett has
created a fascinating site which chronicles the life of an eccentric
man named Bernarr Macfadden.

Macfadden lived from 1868 - 1955, and was internationally famous
during his lifetime but almost unknown today.  He was called the
"Father of Physical Culture" - a flamboyant millionaire publisher,
life-long advocate of physical fitness, natural food, and the natural
treatment of disease.  He was branded a kook and a charleton by
some, but enjoyed a tremendous following among many others.

The site is well done, with photos and a mini biography.  Trust me,
it'll be 15 minutes well spent if you pop in for a visit.  If you
like what you see, tell Jim, and he'll add to his Oddball Museum in
the future.  Here's the address:


Just a reminder... We're going to give away that FREE portable stereo
CD player to one lucky TOURBUS PLUS reader at the end of this week!
The deadline was extended from March 31 to April 4th in light of the
enthusiastic response so far.

So if you haven't yet gotten a subscription to TOURBUS PLUS, you're
missing some cool stuff!  In recent issues we featured a revealing
interview with Patrick Crispen, the Urban Legend Motherlode, Finding
a Good ISP, Secrets to Doubling your Internet Connection Speed, and
Strange Gizmos on the Net.  For more info and online signup, visit:

See you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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