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Subject: TOURBUS - 5 May 1998 - Tourbus Website / @BACKUP

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Hi, Welcome back for another ride on the world's biggest bus!  I was
a bit overwhelmed by the volume of responses to my "HTML experiment",
but in a nutshell the answers boiled down to two basic responses: "WE
LOVE IT!" and "WE HATE IT!".  Such passion folks, really.

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----* *---- 

In the process of trying to accomodate about 15,000 readers whose
e-mail program requires the HTML tags to generate a hotlink, I did
just the opposite for the other 65,000 readers who already got the
hotlinks.  And I think about 79,500 of you wrote to tell me about it.

Anyway, I tweaked my formula a bit, and I think that the links in
this issue will satisfy almost everyone.  True, some of you will get
TWO clickable links, and some may find the extra HTML codes a bit
annoying, but please try to bear with it for the sake of those who
benefit.  Try out the sponsor hotlinks in this issue and tell 'em
thanks for keeping the Bus rolling!

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I have some exciting news about the TOURBUS website.  Just this past
week, I added two new features that should be helpful to all riders.
Pop on over to the address below and we'll continue the first part of
today's tour:

  The Internet Tourbus Home Page -  

On the ARCHIVES page (which features links to almost three years of
back issues) you will find something that many people have been
requesting for a long time: A SEARCH BUTTON!  Yes, you can enter a
keyword and quickly find all the archived issues containing that
word.  For now, you can only enter a single keyword.  In the future,
I might spiff up the code so you can enter multiple words or use
boolean operators.

On the TICKETS page, I've added pushbuttons for SUBSCRIBE and SIGNOFF
so you can get on or off the Bus with a tappity tap and a click.  You
can even suspend your subscription if you're going to be away from
your computer for an extended period of time.

And as always, there's the TOURBUS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),
the CHAT room, the results of our last reader SURVEY, and the ESPANOL
version of Tourbus.  Oh, and that Spanish version of Tourbus will
soon be available by e-mail subscription, just like the English
version.  Pay a visit to the Tourbus website today and stay awhile!


Computer disasters can happen to anyone, and when they strike, they can be
both maddening and crippling.  I always tell people that sooner or later,
your hard drive WILL crash, but that's not the only source of data loss.
Laptops get stolen, unruly programs wipe out data files, and user error
can wreak havoc.

I wrote about backup methods a few months ago, and at the time I was
pretty much sold on peripherals that backup your data to tape or
special disks.  But since then, I've come up with some reasons why an
ONLINE backup service can be a much better alternative:

1) Backup devices are not always easy for novices to install.
2) The cost of backup media (tapes and disks) adds up over time.
3) Tapes and disks can go bad (ie: the Iomega "click of death")
4) If you have a fire, your backup media may be lost as well.
5) Portable backup media is easily stolen.
6) If you're away from home, you can't restore lost files.

But an online backup service solves each of these problems:

1) You don't have to purchase or install any new hardware.
2) You don't have to buy any disks or tapes.
3) No tapes or disks are needed on your end.
4) Your data is stored safely offsite.
5) Your data is encrypted and accessible only by you.
6) You can restore your data from anywhere in the world.

I've been having trouble with my Ditto backup tapes recently, and I'm
a bit nervous about the grinding sound my NEW 2.5GB hard drive is
making.  So when the @BACKUP folks asked me to try out their popular
online backup service, I jumped on it.  The software is easy to download,
easy to setup and easy to use.  In fact, once you tell @BACKUP which
folders to backup, it's automatic.  And you get a nightly virus scan!

That's why I'm recommending everybody download the FREE @Backup
software and take advantage of their FREE 30-day trial offer.
@BACKUP is an automatic and extremely secure backup service.  All you
need is an Internet connection and there's no need for expensive
back-up drives, disks or tapes.  Click on the link below to download
your copy and try it out.

  Download @BACKUP Now! - 

Here's another reason to check out the free @BACKUP software...  The
@BACKUP folks are going to make a small donation to the "Starving
Busdriver Fund" for each copy that TOURBUS readers download.  So in
addition to helping Bob and Patrick keep those nasty creditors away,
you'll get to try out some nifty online backup software.  Thanks for
clicking, and tell your friends!  :-)

See you next time.  --Bob


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