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       TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP:  The Best of TOURBUS #2
                              Patrick's Daily Web Tour


Howdy, y'all!  As Bob told you in his last post, our little bus of
Internet happiness is now 3 years old!  To celebrate this wonderful
occasion, over the next 10 issues we are going to run a "Best of
TOURBUS" series.  This gives our new riders a chance to catch up, and
it also gives Bob and me a chance to update the URLs of some of our
favorite Internet sites.  :)

Before we start today's TOURBUS Top Ten post, though, I want to thank
today's TOURBUS sponsors for keeping TOURBUS on the road for 3 years!

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One of the questions I am asked the most (besides "when are you going
to graduate?") is "what are the Web sites you visit every day?"  Well,
today's TOURBUS Top Ten post answers that question ... and hopefully
gives you a list of neat sites you will want to check out yourself.

Most people assume that I spend hour after hour surfing the Web every
day.  In fact, I usually only spend about thirty or forty minutes each
day surfing the Web, and I tend to visit the same nine Web sites:

ABC News' High Technology Page

To be completely honest, this page almost always disappoints me.
ABC's coverage of science and technology news is spotty at best, and
their high technology page is bloated with so many bells and whistles

it takes FOREVER to load.  Still, from time to time, ABC News does
post a cool news story on this page that you can't find anywhere else
(a good example is the story that they ran back in January that
included a Real Audio track of what scientists think dinosaurs sounded
like).  So, the ABC News high technology page is usually my first stop
every morning.

The Associated Press' Cyber Corner

As I said last year (TOURBUS, 6 November 1997), Cyber Corner is the
Associated Press' daily technology column.  It is updated every
weekday morning, and is a very quick summary of the latest cyberspace
news, Web page announcements, online happenings, and software
releases.  Because Cyber Corner's "sections" are so brief (usually
only one paragraph each), it is one of the best starting points for
anyone interested in finding out what is happening in the online


CNET's was the first online service devoted entirely to
technology news (in fact, we first pulled our little bus of Internet
happiness into way back on 5 September 1996).  The best way
to describe is to say it is the journal of record for the
entire digital domain.  While I give the AP's Cyber Corner kudos for
its brevity, I give kudos for its mind-numbingly in-depth
coverage of all of the latest news stories that in any way involve
computers, the Internet, and any other form of digital technology.  I
am not kidding when I say that a good part of my knowledge about
technology current events comes straight from the articles I have read

Navigating the main homepage is pretty self-explanatory.  The
main stories for the day are located at the top of the page (usually
accompanied by some pretty snazzy graphics).  Below that are the other
stories of the day.  At the bottom of the page are links to stories
written by other news organizations on the Net (don't overlook this
section - I can't begin to tell you how many neat articles I have
found at the bottom of CNET's main homepage).

After browsing the main homepage, I almost always hop on over

------------------------------------------------------'s The Net page,3,1,00.html?

While's main homepage contains articles about all aspects of
the digital domain, the articles on The Net page deal solely with the
latest Internet-related news and happenings.  By the way, like's main homepage, The Net page also has a section at the
bottom that has links to stories written other news organizations on
the Net.  Again, don't overlook this section.

By the way, you don't really have to type in that long URL above to
get to The Net page.  Instead, on's main homepage, just click
on the words "The Net" on the left-hand side of the page.

Good Morning Silicon Valley

Words cannot describe how much I love Good Morning Silicon Valley.
Outside of Dogpile (TOURBUS, 24 July 1997), Good Morning Silicon
Valley is probably my favorite service on the Internet (by the way,
for those of you who are playing our home game, we last visited Good
Morning Silicon Valley in our TOURBUS post of 2 October 1997).

Updated four times a day, Good Morning Silicon Valley is the high
technology section of the San Jose Mercury News' "Mercury Center."  My
favorite section of this site is the "Morning" section, which gives
you the latest technology stories from around the world.  As I said
back on 2 October 1997, if you visit CNET's and Good Morning
Silicon Valley's Morning section every day, you are pretty much
guaranteed to know every technology news story worth knowing.


Yes, I'll openly admit it: I am *still* a Mac user (I have a both a
Dell Inspiron 3000 Windows 95 machine and a Mac PowerBook 520C that I
upgraded a year and a half ago with a 100 MHz PowerPC chip).  In fact,
up until February of this year, every single TOURBUS post I ever wrote
was written was written on a Mac.  :)

Unfortunately, finding accurate, balanced news about the Mac is darned
near impossible.  The mainstream media only seems to be able to report
that Apple is dead, and Guy Kawasaki's Macintosh EvangeList only seems
to be able to report that Apple's opponents are heathens who need to
be hated and destroyed.

Fortunately, the MacInTouch home page is a really good source of
unbiased and bluntly honest Mac news.  The page is updated several
times a day, so it not too uncommon for me to stop by this page once
in the morning and again in the late afternoon.

Wired News and ZDNN

What can I say?  I like technology news.  I usually visit Wired News
and ZDNN every day, but only to find out stuff I didn't see at any of
the other Web sites I visit.

Actually, I have a feeling ZDNN will probably be moving up in my
booklist file pretty soon (I'm even thinking of making it a full-
fledged TOURBUS stop sometime in the near future).  A few months ago,
when CNET's was reporting the breaking news that the judge
had turned down Microsoft's request that Lawrence Lessig be removed
from Microsoft's contempt hearing, ZDNN's coverage included direct
quotes from the judge.  Score one for ZDNN.

My Yahoo!

My last stop every morning is My Yahoo! (TOURBUS, 11 July 1996).  My
Yahoo! is a completely free and customizable news service from the
nice folks at Yahoo!  (Besides, after reading all of that technology
news, it is nice to take a break and read some hard news from around
the world).

Actually, I'll just let you read my 11 July 1996 TOURBUS post to find
out the specifics about My Yahoo!  You can find that post in the
TOURBUS archives at

By the way, that post contains one of my favorite quotes of all time
(hint: it has to do with PIGS!).  :)

That's it for this week.  As you can see, I am a news junkie.  But, I
hope today's TOURBUS Top Ten post gives you a better idea of where I
go every day to find out what is happening in the online world.

Have a safe and happy week (and if you are a TOURBUS Plus! subscriber,
be looking for another post from me sometime within the next 24

       TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Best of Tourbus #2
                              Patrick's Daily Web Tour



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