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Subject: TOURBUS - 04 August 1998 - FortuneCity

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC - FortuneCity

There are plenty of places on the Web that'll give you free space
for your own website, but today's TOURBUS will tell you about one
that's recently moved out into the front of the pack.  But first,
please visit our sponsors and tell 'em you appreciate their support
of the Internet Tourbus - thanks!

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Looking for a place to hang your hat in cyberspace?  FortuneCity
is now offering a whopping 20 MEGABYTES of space for you to create
a personal website.  That's almost double the storage space offered
by any of the other freebie sites I know of, and it should give you
plenty of room to stash photos, clipart and sound files.  Visit here
to get the details of the new 20MB Fortune City offering:

  FortuneCity - 

If you have an Internet account, your ISP may offer you a certain
amount of space for your home page, but usually it's something
wimpy like 2MB, and you're on your own when it comes to setting
things up.  But things are different at Fortune City...


When you move into FortuneCity, you first select which district
you wish to live in.  Each of the 25 themed districts relates to
a different area of interest, such as:

   Arts, Cars, Family, Gaming, Humor, Sci-Fi, Sports, Travel,
   Trivia, and a bunch more.

Placing your site in a themed area will help others with similar
interests find it - something that's a lot harder to do if your
site is housed on your ISP's server.  Fortune City allows only
personal sites with no commercial content, and they also forbid
any type of grossly offensive, adult, or illegal material.


Here's a quick rundown on what sets Fortune City apart from other
free website providers:

  - 20 MB of space!  Lots of room for lots of stuff.

  - Three ways to create your site.

    + The Homepage Builder is great for people who don't care to
      learn any HTML or programming.  Just point & click your way
      to a nifty site with your choice of style, colors, & fonts.

    + The File Manager is for people who want to create the web
      files on their own computer, but are a little fuzzy on how
      to get them uploaded.  The File Manager allows you to select
      the files and upload with one click.

    + If you're a geek, nothing but a real FTP client will do when
      it's time to slingshot your files around cyberspace.  Not a
      problem at Fortune City - just login and upload.

  - Counters and Subdirectories.  Your FortuneCity homepage comes
    with a hit counter so you can see how popular you are, and you
    can even create subdirectories to help you organize your files.

  - Promotion Tool.  Helps you submit you site to six major search
    engines so people can find you more easily.

  - Home Improvements Ezine.  A free newsletter that'll clue you in
    on how to build a better website.

  - Chat, Classifieds, Personals.  Fortune City has a strong emphasis
    on community, which I like.  Make new friends, and get to know
    your neighbors!

  - The Fabulous Freebie Store and Capital Bank.  Check out tons of
    links to free stuff on the web, and invest all the money you save
    at Capital Bank - a real bank with special deals for FC members.

Want to compare Fortune City to the others?  Search for "Free Web Pages"
at Yahoo and you'll get a nice long list.  I think you'll agree that
Fortune City is one of the best.  So if you're looking for a place to
build your first website, or you've run out of space where you are, find
yourself a home at Fortune City!

  FortuneCity - 

See you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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