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       TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPICS: Bad Patents / Cryo Survey / PAW!

Welcome to another ride on the Internet Tourbus!  In today's issue,
you'll find two fun & interesting sites that invite you to interact with
them, and make your own contribution to the Internet.  Also, please keep
in mind that our sponsors make it possible for you to receive TOURBUS,
so do pop in, say thanks, and check out their great products.

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Before we visit our two featured sites, I want to let you know about a
special issue of TOURBUS PLUS that deals with the subject of patents and
the Internet.  Several PLUS subscribers urged me to share it with the
entire TOURBUS audience, because they felt it was important information
that should receive a wider distribution.  I agreed, so you can find my
article "TOURBUS EXTRA: Bad Patents" in the Tourbus Archives, via the

  Tourbus Home Page - 

Is It Cold In Here?

If a person's body is frozen just after clinical death, could they
perhaps be revived at some future time when medical technology permits?
That question is the essence of Cryonics.  I recently found a really
interesting and educational website which deals with Cryonics, and
all the questions that surround the issue.

The Associated Cryonicists Consumer Survey is a fun way to explore
this fascinating subject, and learn whether cryonics is just wild-eyed
idealism or serious science.  You can find it here:

  Cryonics Survey - 

PAW! - The Pit of Advertising Wonders

PAW! is a fun site that is home to the World's Worst Headline Game and
Jingleberries, the cut-rate jingle-writing contest.  In a nutshell, you
read elaborate scenarios about fictitious products that teeter on the
fine line between genius and insanity, then you can submit your own
headline (slogan) or jingle.  It's also fun to read the submissions from
others.  Here are some examples, which I've edited for brevity:

  The Very Upper Midwestern Tobacco Growers Cooperative hires you to
  write a jingle for Nichelob, a filtered beer that's been mixed with
  low-grade tobacco.

  The Bland O' Lakes company has devised a new product: "I Can't Believe
  It's Not Caviar" and hires you to devise a slogan that will "let the
  common man (and woman) know they can finally enjoy fish eggs just like
  the elite, but for a fraction of the cost."

Check out "The Pit" here, but be prepared to spend a bit of time!

  Pit of Advertising Wonders - 

Enjoy today's TOURBUS sites, and we'll see you Thursday!  --Bob

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