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      TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPICS: Cyberculture / Contests / The End

Welcome back to another ride on the World's Biggest Bus!  Today we
have some interesting links related to cyberculture, how to get an
unfair advantage in online contests, and the end of the Internet.

If you hadn't noticed, the TOURBUS website was down for several days
last week due to ISP problems, but things should be back to normal now.
The archives are up to date (English and Spanish) and TOURBUS PLUS
subscriptions can once again be entered at

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National Geographic is doing a project that looks at the questions of
how the place you live shapes who you are, and how cyberspace is
affecting people's sense of community and cultural interests.

As you complete each section of demographic questions, they "reward" you
with information relevant to you, such as things that occurred the year
you were born and tidbits about your birthplace.  When you complete the
survey they give you a bunch of links to websites relating to your personal

If you are older than 5 and younger than 16, there is a special Kids
Survey 2000.  This would be a great "extra credit" project for students.
The survey is confidential, and if you wish, they will notify you when
results are ready.  If you're interested in participating, the site address is

   Survey2000 - 

If you're interested in how the Internet affects our culture, a related
site to check out is the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies at

   RCCS - 


A reader informed me about a web site that allows visitors to fill out a
single form and then enter hundreds of sweepstakes contests and free
promotional offers on the Internet.  The "MegaForm" speeds up the entering
process significantly because all of the redundant personal information is
automatically placed into each entry form. You only have to enter your name,
phone number, address, and so forth once. It even keeps track of whether or
not you want to join mailing lists.

This can be very helpful for WebTV users or the physically handicapped who find
data entry difficult.  If you enjoy online contests and freebies, pay a visit to

   MegaForm - 

The people that created MegaForm claim that they don't archive your personal
information, but what happens to that info once it is posted to the various
contest sites is another matter.  Expect to receive a bit of junk mail if you
dabble in this arena.


Here are a few housekeeping notes concerning the Internet Tourbus and your

1) We NEVER reveal the names on our mailing list to ANYONE.  If you get spammed
   after signing up for TOURBUS, it's purely coincidental.  Anytime you reveal
   your email address on the web, discussion list, chat room, etc., you are fair
   game for the spammers.

2) We've NEVER signed up anyone for TOURBUS without their explicit request and
   confirmation.  If you're reading this, you asked to receive it.  And if you
   want to cancel your subscription (perish the thought!) you must follow the
   instructions at the end of each TOURBUS posting.  No exceptions, sorry!

3) If you have trouble reaching a website mentioned in a TOURBUS mailing, it's
   best to wait a while and try again.  AOL is particularly notorious for
   reporting "no such address" when a site is busy.  There's no need to write
   to Patrick or me in such cases.

4) Do You Like Tourbus?  Recommend-It to a friend and you could win a
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Here's an interesting little fact about the geographical limits of the Net.  If
you know of other "dead ends" on the information superhighway, let me know!

   The End - 

See you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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