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Subject: TOURBUS - 20 Oct 1998 - Free Internet Access

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Free Internet Access

Howdy all... today I have a roundup of Internet providers that
promise to get your chassis rolling on the infobahn for free.
Yup, there are several places you can go for free Internet access,
so read on to find which is best for you.

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Alrighty then... here's the scoop on getting free Internet acccess.
Please note that some of these services are only available in the
USA, but I haven't forgotten my international friends.  Readers in
Germany, Sweden, the UK, and Spain can join the fun as well.


NetZero is a brand new free access provider.  If your PC meets the
requiment specs (see below) you really can get online for free.  The
only catch is that you'll have to put up with the NetZero ad banner
on your screen while you surf.  It's about the size of a normal web
ad, you can move it anywhere on your screen, but it's always visible.

I tried the service yesterday, and everything worked well.  After
downloading the 3.3MB NetZero software, I clicked on the NetZero icon,
filled out a (rather non-intrusive) member profile and I was surfing
at 56K.  Here's the minimum set of gear you need:

 486 system, 16 MB of RAM, 12 MB of free disk space, Windows 95,
 a 14.4 modem and an SVGA monitor.  They recommend a Pentium system
 with 32 MB of RAM, Windows 95, and 56K modem.

A Mac version is 6 months away from completion, but they are not
planning a release for Windows 3.x and DOS users.  For US users only.


Juno Free E-mail

I've reviewed JUNO previously on Tourbus, and I'm a big fan of this
service.  You get free, easy-to-use Internet e-mail but no web access.
Like NetZero, it's advertiser supported.  It's great for people who
want to correspond with "wired" friends, but are not ready to jump
into the Web.  My parents got online with Juno a year ago, and they
love it.

Juno is good software, but it doesn't come with a manual.  However,
my book "JUNO: FREE E-MAIL AND MORE!" solves that problem by covering
installation, e-mail basics, and how to use all the powerful features
of the Juno service.  You'll learn about Netiquette, Spam, Flames and
e-mail privacy.  And after a concise introduction to the Internet,
you'll discover how to tap into the wonders of the online world.

  JUNO - 

  Dr. Bob's Books - 


These services are similar to NetZero, but not quite as free.  The
software cost for Bigger.Net is $59.95, but access is free thereafter.
FreeWWWeb software is $119.90.  Bigger.Net is limited to the Southern
California area, while FreeWWWeb has access numbers in many US states.
Both offer support for Macintosh users, but only FreeWWWeb supports
Windows 3.1 systems.

If NetZero is not available in your area, or you have a Mac or Windows
3.1 system, these "one-time fee" access providers may be the next best
thing for those in the USA.

  JUNO - 

  JUNO - 


After many reminders from TOURBUS readers outside the USA, I think
I've learned my lesson.  Patrick and I really do try to keep TOURBUS
interesting and relevant for our international audience, so here's
a roundup of the free Internet access providers I found that cater
to our European readers.  (There may be free providers elsewhere but
I couldn't find them, sorry!)

For users in Germany:


For users in the UK (must be a Citibank customer):


For users in Sweden:

  BIP.NET - 

  SBBS - 

For users in Spain (Argentaria & Telefonica customers):


That's all for now.  See you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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