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Howdy all!  Lots of you wrote in reply to my "Free Internet Access"
issue with great info about other free and low cost providers around
the world, so I've collected all those comments and summarized them
for this special edition.

And in the spirit of "free", I thought you'd enjoy this contest too!
If you win the contest, just remember you heard about it here.  :-)

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Jan and Tony of Australia wrote:

  We actually came across a site that lists many free servers world
  wide that you may find interesting.  Living in Australia, we are
  often left out especially when it comes to "free stuff", so if we
  happen to come across any more sites like this one, we'll be sure
  to let you know.

  EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow!  This page is a gold mine of FREENETs around
  the world.  Freenets (community-based networks set up by volunteers)
  have been around for years, and some provide better service than
  others.  In days gone by, you could expect a text-based command line
  interface with limited access time per user per day.  Some now
  offer graphical connections.

  The page listed above has info on Freenets in these countries:
  Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel,
  Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine,
  UK, and the USA.


Paul Ward from Australia wrote:

  I just read in Tuesday's "Melbourne Age" newspaper that the national
  telco "Telstra" is trialling something similar to Juno in our
  southeren state of Tasmania. You may find some info at the Telstra

  EDITOR'S NOTE: The service is called Easymail but it not quite
  free.   Users will be able to send and receive e-mails for the
  cost of a local call, or 25 cents Australian.


Jens Peter Jacobsen of Denmark wrote:

  The company "Image" in Denmark offers TWO years Internet access for
  DKr. 100 (Approx. US$18) It is called "1049 Light" and gives WWW
  access, Mail send, Newsgroups etc., but NO mailbox and NO homepage.
  (This is offered for free "almost anywhere else" !)


Richard Higgs of the UK wrote:

  There is a free ISP for all UK residents - FREESERVE.  You get www,
  mail and news using Internet Explorer 4 and Outlook Express.  Local
  rate calls as well.  There is not even any on screen advertising
  unless you access their site.  I thought is sounded too good, but
  haven't found any disadvantages yet.

  To use, UK residents have to pick up a free CD from Dixons or Currys
  shops.  For more information, visit

Noel Bell of the UK wrote:

  You can collect a copy of the Freeserve software at any
  "PC World". "Dixons", "Currys" and "The Link" stores. For the
  location of your nearest store call (in UK) 0990 500049
  The free software is not on display in the stores, but
  "under the counter". You have to ask for it.

Jonathan Powell of the UK wrote:

  There are other free ISPs in the UK, all launched within the last

  BTClick - provided by BT.  It is free, apart from an extra penny
  per minute on the line charge.

  Internet Lite - provided by Cable and Wireless.  10gbp to join,
  then at up to national call rates (depending on whether you're an
  existing C&W customer).

Peter Neville of the UK wrote:

  X-stream network offers no-fee net access and free software.
  (adverts pay for it) Reach them at
  or phone +(0)870 730 6466

Neil Irving in the UK wrote:

  Another free internet access provider in the UK is at


Wayne Dunkin of the USA wrote:

  Thanks for your latest Tourbus post on free web access.  Here are
  two you may want to add to your list:

  Netgenie - This is a one-time fee of $99.  They say this is for
  a limited time, until they reach a membership goal, then they will
  go to a $19.95/month plan.

  Tritium Network - This one is a freebie.

  EDITOR'S NOTE: I specifically left Tritium out of my original post
  because their network has been flaky for some time, and is down now
  with no word on when service will resume, if ever.

Judy Gunter in the USA wrote:

  ACN offers three for free - just find three paying customers and
  then their internet access is free!

  Offer only in USA, for Win 3.1 and 95 users (Mac in January)
  Details at:


Alfonso del Barrio of Spain wrote:

  NETGEM only will be free for 6 months which is very appropiate
  for Telefonica.  Telefonica had the monopoly telephony in Spain and
  still has the monopoly for local phonecall. This means Telefonica does
  what it want (with the complicity of the governement) about rate.
  Recently the rates rose up about a 219%.  Spanish readers can
  visit and learn about it.

That's all for now, see you next week.  TOURBUS PLUS readers, stay
tuned for your regular weekend edition.  --Bob Rankin

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