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Subject: TOURBUS - 01 December 1998 - Rider's Revenge #6

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Rider's Revenge #6

Howdy All!  It's time for another Rider's Revenge issue, where we turn
the tables and share the sites that YOU think are the best.  Several
people wrote in requesting more "revenge", so I dug into the old mailbag
and selected a bunch of letters from readers for this issue.

I think you'll enjoy them all, but first, a few words from our sponsors
ASCM (above), CyberBaskets, and Intel Corp.  They've all been long-term
sponsors of the Bus, so stop by and tell them you appreciate their

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This first letter isn't about a great website.  It's about a devoted
Tourbus reader whose memory we'd like to honor.

Ronald Perez writes:

> First of all, I'd like to thank you for all of the work and effort
> you put into the tourbus.  It is a great tool and has helped me
> better use the web and have more fun.  And now for the real reason I
> wrote...  Last Friday my grandfather passed away.  He had been
> treated for lung cancer and the radiation just damaged his lungs too
> much and he lasted until Friday morning.  Now I have more of a
> purpose than to simply tell the author of the bus about my life...
> The past few years he has been really into computers.  He was
> programming with his Commodore and writing programs before I ever
> had a computer.  He used the internet before I knew what it was, and
> he subscribed to this letter.  Your tourbus is what helped him learn
> to explore the internet.  He raved and raved about it and finally
> got me to sign up which I am glad I did...  Even when he was at his
> worst with chemo he signed on to read Tourbus.
> Anyway, I was just wondering if maybe you could mention him in an
> upcoming issue?  I don't know, I was just thinking this would be a
> great and very appropriate tribute for him.  He loved his computer
> and it was his life so I thought it would be good to honor him with
> this.  His name is William F. Duncan.

I love to get mail from Tourbus readers, but this one really tugged at
the old heart strings.  Ronald, you can be sure we're proud to have had
your grandfather on board!

Steve Adelman, M.D. writes from West Roxbury, Massachusetts:

> Please check out my web site "Ask Dr. Steve: The Real Story About
> Smoking, Drinking & Getting High".  It provides a great deal of
> basic information and has a growing archive of my answers to
> questions from the public.  I have been told that it is a one of the
> best substance use/abuse sites on the WWW but you should check it
> out and see for yourselves.
> I am an experienced, highly trained and credentialed addiction
> expert.  Most of the visitors to the site are young people, and they
> are sending in the most amazing questions!

   Ask Dr. Steve - 

David Solomons writes from London, England:

> The most recent content innovations on my music site are MP3 files
> and a score (and midi preview) of a Christmas song for SATBB choir
> (which an Italian choir is already considering for performance this
> Christmas!)  Most audio material offered on the Web consists merely
> of extracts, to get people to "buy the CD".  I have no such axe to
> grind since I have no CD to sell, so I offer the songs in their
> entirety and in downloadable form (MIDI, RealAudio and MP3).

   DW Solomons - http:/ 

Kathi Parker writes from Somewhere in Cyberspace:

> Thanks again for Tourbus and Tourbus Plus. My nephew came
> across a site which might interest you. The product (in beta
> test now) can be downloaded for free and there is an online
> demo. It teaches logic to kids and there is a contest for teachers
> to design a program which uses the tools to teach their students.
> The prize is a $7,000 system for the school system. Here is the
> address:

 Stagecast Software - 

Joe Yakamavich writes from Raleigh, North Carolina:

> Hello, I thought I'd submit my site, the Laffatorium, for TOURBUS.
> The Laffatorium is a humor page that, right now, is filled with
> holiday humor (with 100+ holiday jokes so far), an interactive
> story for the holidays, and a snazzy Christmas music jukebox for
> surfers to enjoy.  Plus, the rest of the archive is available,
> featuring humorous lists, tests, real life humor, stories to tell
> others, computer humor, columns, cartoons, and more!

   Laffatorium - 

That's all for now.  See you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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