From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 08 Jan 02 - Computer Humor


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Have you seen the TV commercials for Windows XP where enraptured users spread their arms and fly? Apparently this is no marketing gimmick. According to a story in BBSpot Technology News, the new MSFlight technology can in fact propel users to greater heights. But some experts are warning that flaws in XP can result in serious injury. If the system crashes, you do too...

Okay, okay... hold the letters. It's only satire, but I think you'll enjoy reading some of the other BBSpot "news" features, such as "Apple Faithful Ready "Ooohs", "Aaahs" for Jobs Keynote", "Bush Threatens ISO Certification on Taliban" and "Gateway Announces Job Cuts, Steak Dinner". You can find them all here:

If you liked that style of humor, you'll want to visit the TOURBUS sponsor below. (May not be appropriate for children...)


Last week, a gentleman contacted me. He told me that he had just put the finishing touches on a guide that could teach anyone how to create software -- even if they hadn't ever touched a line of code.

I was pretty skeptical. But Ben persisted and sent me a review copy of his new guide, "Software Secrets -- Exposed!" I was curious, so I begin reading the book. And I have to say -- I was quite impressed. Ben really knows his stuff. He's a former CTO and an in-the-trenches programmer. I know this is one of those books I will refer to often. Several things I enjoyed about the book included:

  • His way of generating solid software ideas, including turning
  • your hobby into a profitable software business.
  • He describes a simple technique called "Blueprinting" to get
  • your software ideas down on paper.
  • How to build a compelling website that will help you to
  • successfully market and distribute your software.

    I talked to Ben and asked if he could set up a special discount for TourBus riders, and he finally agreed -- as long as you pick up the course before January 17th. Ben is only going to sell a limited number of copies before permanently retiring the course. After that, you will never find it on the market again. Resolve to succeed in the new year! Get all the details here:


    I recently announced availability of the complete Tourbus Archives (1995-2001) on CDROM. It was my plan to offer the CD with an introductory $5 discount until January 7th. I've decided to extend that discount until 01/21 because some people take extended vacations in early January and were disappointed that they missed the deadline.

    The Tourbus Archives contain SIX YEARS of Tourbus newsletters, fully searchable and printable. I always get a kick out of re-reading the early issues from 1995... It's like taking a peek into the history of the Net. The regular price for this CDROM is $24.95, but if you purchase by January 21st, it can be yours for just $19.95. With this introductory offer, you save $5 and you'll also get a FREE bonus -- Doctor Bob's special report "The Best of Everything".

    So many of you have written to thank me for making this CD available, and it's nice to see people ordering extra copies for friends. To order your Tourbus Archives CDROM and get your free copy of "The Best of Everything" click here:

    That's all for now, I'll see you next time! --Bob Rankin


    The Internet Tourbus - U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1094-2239
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