From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 30 May 02 - Pop Quiz!


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Dr. Bob has cooked up another quiz to test your online acumen. The difficulty of each question is indicated by the number of stars that follow. See how many you can answer without consulting a search engine, and then find your Net-Q rating at the end of the quiz.

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1. A three letter acronym for the address of a document on the
World-Wide Web. (*)

2. The lobbying group that shut down popular music-sharing website
Napster. (**)

3. These infamous Arizona lawyers wrote the book on Spam in 1994 (**)

4. A tool one uses to login to another computer on the Internet. (**)

5. A mailing list manager with a military moniker. (**)

6. An escalating sequence of rude or angry newsgroup postings. (*)

7. How many food items are mentioned in the TOURBUS FAQ? (**)

8. What does an ASCII artist use for a paintbrush? (**)

9. A meat-eating email snooper. (**)

10. He created a "pretty good" piece of encyption software. (***)

11. The organization that oversees domain names and their numeric
address assignments. (**)

12. Thousands of these Q&A documents can be found on Usenet. (*)

13. The computer company that became infamous (twice) for imposing a
"GIF Tax". (***)

14. A rodent that troubled University of Alabama computers, and was
made a legend by ROADMAP author Patrick Crispen. (*)

15. A beverage and a technology that can jazz up a web page. (**)

16. This "Zen Man" and doer-of-good-Net-deeds had a brush with death
in 1994. (***)

17. A person who has the power to approve or disapprove postings in
newsgroups and mailing lists holds this title. (*)

18. What Emily Post would talk about on Usenet. (*)

19. This Internet pioneer is author of the "elm" email program and
fond of poodles. (***)

20. This set of extensions to the RFC822 protocol allows users to transmit images and sound via e-mail. (**)

21. What does the acronym JPEG stand for? (**)

22. What is the highest price ever paid for a domain name? (**)

23. Yang and Filo skipped school for this venture. (***)

24. The first hacker to appear on an FBI "Most Wanted" poster. (**)

25. What does the acronym HTTP stand for? (**)

26. The Web turned this furry little guy into information highway
roadkill. (**)

27. Which Internet search engine uses pigeons to process search queries? (**)

28. Duplicate bovines, and a place to download Internet software. (**)

29. A series of messages on the same topic, in an online discussion. (*)

30. From what two words is "modem" derived? (**)

31. Where does Ima Lyer live, and what is her favorite snack? (***)

32. This repository of U.S. goverment information bears the name of
the 3rd U.S. President. (**)

33. He invented the World-Wide Web to facilitate the sharing of
information amongst physicists. (***)

34. Hardware or software designed to keep network snoopers out. (**)

35. Annoying chat room automatons. (**)

36. A tool that sends your keywords to several search engines and
combines the results. (**)

37. Their quest is to bring public domain classics online for
posterity. (**)

38. Often called the father of the Internet, he helped to develop
TCP/IP and other network foundations. (***)

39. Originally Netscape's reptilian mascot, now an open-source browser
project. (**)

40. The number of people killed by the Klingerman Virus. (*)

Figure Your Net-Q

For each correctly answered question, total up the number of stars and then multiply by 2.5 to calculate your Net-Q. (Maximum score: 200) Score Rating

181-200 CyberGuru 161-180 Net.Geek 141-160 Seasoned Surfer 121-140 Just Cruisin' 101-120 Newbie 000-100 Get a Modem, Dude!

Answers can be found at the TOURBUS website...

...but no fair peeking until you've given it your best shot! Send this quiz to your friends and see who has the highest Net-Q! That's all for now - see you next time! --Bob

The Internet Tourbus - U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1094-2239
Copyright © Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen - All rights reserved
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