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The editors of Internet ScamBusters present the best resources and tips for reducing the amount of junk email you receive.

Spam Primer

Exactly what is spam, why is it bad, and what can you do about it? A basic primer about spam and other e-mail pests, including "phishing".

Aunty Spam's Net Patrol

Spam, spyware, spoofing, security breaches, and other Internet nasties. Aunty Spam's Net Patrol gives you up to the minute reporting, along with a healthy dose of editorial commentary and pithy, witty remarks.

SpamCon Foundation

The SpamCon Foundation is a broad-based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the amount of spam on the Internet. By bringing together email users, network admins, marketers and legal pros, SpamCon seeks to stop junk email and protect email as a medium of communications and commerce.


A central resource of all information relating to spam, with topical news, reviews, FAQs and useful links. The site covers other issues such as scams and phishing. " . $szTopicsDisplay . " in the News"; ?>


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