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World Executive City Guides

Each guide features maps, city pictures, weather information, attractions, restaurants, travel tips and internet hotel discounts.


A very comprehensive resource for U.S. city information. Travel, relocation and community guides are featured along with business and hotel finders.

City Guides in the News

Craft Beer Guide to New York City - 24 Oct 2014 at 5:50pm
New York City is known far and wide as a capital of culture, and after decades of cocktail bars, restaurants, and food scenes hogging the limelight, room has finally been cleared for NYC?s very own craft beer scene. And the scene is booming?from home ...

City guides helping fans and visitors during NLDS - 7 Oct 2014 at 11:31pm
ST. LOUIS (KTVI) ? Michelle Cheli wears her love for her city on her sleeve, and her bright yellow shirt to help her stand out in downtown St. Louis. ?When people ask me what I love to say is that we?re a mobile welcome wagon,? says Michelle Cheli, a guide with the Downtown Community Improvement [?]


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