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Offers quick and intuitive access to more than 20,000 Windows, Macintosh, DOS, Linux, Palm OS, Windows CE, and BeOS software programs that are available for download over the Internet. The team evaluates and categorizes these programs, and gathers critical information about them to help you decide if a program is suitable for your system and needs. Offers a reliability guide, which points users toward the download location most likely to be successful.

Allows downloaders to search a variety of existing Internet software archives containing 250,000 freeware and shareware files. These files are organized by archive and are not categorized. File descriptions at are provided by third parties and may not include system requirements or other relevant details. Offers a reliability guide, which points users toward the download location most likely to be successful.


The best freeware on the Net. Their software is full-featured, not limited in any way, and never contains any nags. (A "nag" is a startup delay or "please send money" request that pops up while using a freeware program.)

Legal MP3

In a world where intellectual property rights are constantly being discarded via technology, and disrespect for the work of musical artists is rationalized as "bringing down the record labels," this site seeks to educate, entertain, and provide a clearing house for legal, free (and low-cost) MP3, WMA and AAC song file downloads. It is run by David Lawrence, nationally syndicated radio air personality and outspoken advocate for artists' rights.

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Uber?s lead over Lyft app downloads is declining - 28 Jun 2017 at 1:51pm
More people still download Uber?s app than Lyft?s, but Lyft is gaining on the ride-sharing giant. For the first five months of this year, Uber apps were downloaded 70 percent more frequently in U.S. app stores than Lyft, according to new data from app ...

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