The Best INTERNET HISTORY resources online

Hobbes Internet Timeline

A brief history of Internet milestones from 1957 to present.

Internet Histories from ISOC

A page put together by the Internet Society listing about twenty different "History of the Internet" stories. Many of these articles are written by the people who actually invented the hardware, software and technology concepts that became the foundation of the Internet.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late

A great book that tells the story of the origins of the Internet, based on interviews with the people who made it happen. Perhaps you've never heard of Bob Taylor, Vint Cerf or J.R. Licklider but after reading this book you'll want to thank them.

Internet History in the News

Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web - 27 Jun 2017 at 7:46am
Credit for the initial concept that developed into the World Wide Web is typically given to Leonard Kleinrock. In 1961, he wrote about ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet, in a paper entitled "Information Flow in Large Communication Nets." Kleinrock ...

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