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Linux - the free version of Unix for personal computers, is becoming more popular as an alternative to Microsoft Windows. This site's goal is to be the world's best source of news and information about Linux and Open Source. You'll find an Intro to Linux, FAQs, links to software, vendors, user groups, penguins and lots of other geeky stuff.

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A great place to buy Linux CDROMs really cheap!


Billed as "News for Nerds" this site is not exclusively about Linux, but a lot of Linux people hang out in the discussion groups here.

Linux in the News

Linux-on-Sitara embedded computer triplets offer mini-PCIe expansion - 27 Apr 2017 at 9:20pm
VS Vision Systems has launched a trio of embedded systems that run Debian or OpenWrt on a TI AM3352. and offer mini-PCIe wireless options and optional VPN. VS Vision Systems GmbH has tapped the tried-but-true, low-power Texas Instruments Sitara AM3352 SoC ...

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