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One of the largest collections of digital music available on the Internet, with more than 1 million song and audio files posted from tens of thousands of digital artists and record labels.

Best Music Buys

Best Music Buys allows consumers to search for music they want across several stores at the same time. Save time and money by starting your search here.

Apple - iTunes

Setting a new milestone for the online music business, the iTunes Music Store has sold more than 150 million songs, providing music fans with the best digital music expeience.

The Fantasy Music League

You've got golden ears. You can pick a hit and smell a dog a mile away. You predicted the success of The Beatles, and knew that The Knack was a one-hit wonder. But you don't have an extra $70,000,000 to start and manage a record label? Not to worry - in the Fantasy Music League, we'll give you the virtual cash, let you manage a virtual label, and give you real cash and prizes if you do it better than anyone else.

The Net Music Countdown

Each week, The Net Music Countdown creates a set of weekly ranking charts of the most popular music on the Internet, called the eTracks, a nationally syndicated radio show, available in three formats, based on those eTracks. Every day, a package of web content that includes the eTracks, the radio show audio, and all of the news and articles that go into creating the scripts for the show is updated on the web's site and on those affiliates of the radio show.

Music in the News

Billy Joel's former drummer Liberty DeVitto details messy split from 'Piano M... - 28 Jun 2017 at 2:00am
Liberty DeVitto played in Billy Joel?s band for 30 years and can be heard on some of Joel?s best-known hits such as ?Only the Good Die Young? and ?Just the Way You Are,? but Joel unceremoniously cut DeVitto from his band without an explanation.

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