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Excellent daily tips, advice and downloads for all flavors of Windows from Chris Pirillo.


A wonderful newsletter for Mac afficionados, published since 1990 by noted author Adam Engst.

This is True

Summarizes recent bizarre-but-TRUE news stories from the world's "legitimate" press. Each story is punctuated by Randy's Cassingham's outrageous and ironic comments.

The True Stella Awards

Incredible but true lawsuits that will make you scratch your head, laugh out loud ...or stomp your feet in anger!

Top Five

A humorous email publication, in the same vein as the famous David Letterman Top 10 lists. Top Five is written by various "cubicle comics" across the Internet and edited by Chris White. Contributors send their own original witticisms on a specific topic, and Chris picks the best of the crop for each "Top Five" list. Always funny, but sometimes a bit on the bawdy side.

Newsletters in the News

Investing Newsletters: Motley Fool Hidden Gems vs. Rule Your Retirement - 26 Apr 2017 at 6:47pm
The primary goals of anyone who buys stocks should be the same: to predictably generate wealth and beat the market in the process. But the latter is easier said than done, considering the S&P 500's historical annual returns of roughly 10%. Yet by focusing ...

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