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Pets Welcome

Here's a great resource on the Web to take the sting out of the "I'm sorry, we don't accept pets" experience. The site lists hotels, apartments, ski resorts, campgrounds, and even amusement parks that are pet friendly throughout the world.


The American Veterinary Medical Association offers information about selecting a pet, animal health & safety, pet loss, and veterinarians.


An online destination for pet supplies, health, behavior, nutrition and training information.

Usenet rec.pets

In Usenet discussion groups, you can find thousands of people talking about all aspects of pet ownership. Here's an easy web-based interface to the rec.pets newsgroups, via Google Groups.

Virtual Pet Cemetery

The world's best-known online burial ground. If you wish to immortalize your dearly departed pet in the tombs of cyber-space for eternity, here is your chance.

Pets in the News

Here?s how pets can get a better life - 27 Apr 2017 at 9:00pm
Currently, beating up, maiming and even killing a dog is punished with a fine of just Rs50 ? an amount fixed way back in 1960, when the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was first tabled. Naturally, offenders have gone scot-free. Three years ago, the ...

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