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Q & A in the fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, computers, environment, and medicine.

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The online home of Science, the Global Weekly of Research. A complete research environment that provides access to the full text of Science's print version and to additional online-only enhancements, including searches within Science and across a multitude of scientific journals.

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Find the latest research news in ScienceDaily -- the Internet's premier science news portal -- brings you the latest discoveries in science, health & medicine, the environment, space and other fields.

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A billion-year arms race against viruses shaped our evolution - 28 Jun 2017 at 10:38pm
Viruses and their hosts have been at war for more than a billion years. This battle has driven a dramatic diversification of viruses and of host immune responses. Although the earliest antiviral systems have long since vanished, researchers may now have ...

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