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Yahoo TV

Get local TV listings, TV news & gossip, and watch TV on the web.

Excite TV

Shows local stations by their cable number, not the broadcast channel, lets you edit the listings according to your preferences, and you can add "favorites" to get reminders when a show ia airing.

TV Guide

Does an exceptional job of providing TV listings on demand. They come in 3 hour increments, are searchable, and very customizable.

Television in the News

Disney Television Animation Executives Attribute Their Current Hot Streak to ... - 26 Nov 2014 at 7:00am
It's been an interesting month for the folks at Disney Television Animation as this division of The Walt Disney Company celebrated its 30th anniversary. So there have been parties and presentations ... ... as the talented artists & writers who actually ...

As Television Diversity Increases, So Do Its Interracial Romances - 28 Nov 2014 at 3:03pm
In many ways television is a conservative medium. Despite one notable example (real-life married couple Mary Kay and Johnny on their eponymous 1940s sitcom), it wasn?t until the late ?60s that married couples were shown sleeping in the same bed. When Lucille Ball's impending motherhood was written into I Love Lucy in 1952, she couldn't even say the word ?pregnant? (just ?expecting?). ...


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