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Yahoo TV

Get local TV listings, TV news & gossip, and watch TV on the web.

Excite TV

Shows local stations by their cable number, not the broadcast channel, lets you edit the listings according to your preferences, and you can add "favorites" to get reminders when a show ia airing.

TV Guide

Does an exceptional job of providing TV listings on demand. They come in 3 hour increments, are searchable, and very customizable.

Television in the News

The limits of buzz: How DC comics is winning its war with Marvel?on television - 30 Oct 2014 at 8:15am
Marvel Studios? announcement this week about what we can expect for the next nine years generated a lot of excitement?and for good reason. Marvel is finally bringing a film about a female superhero to the silver screen with Captain Marvel, and a black ...

FCC Proposes New Rule to Make All Your Cord Cutting Fantasies Come True - 29 Oct 2014 at 6:02pm
In just the latest sign that the future of television is online, the Federal Communications Commission has proposed a new rule that would let internet TV providers license television content just like cable and satellite companies do. The post FCC Proposes New Rule to Make All Your Cord Cutting Fantasies Come True appeared first on WIRED .


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