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Band-Aid Trivia

Is it an adhesive bandage? A sheer strip? A plastic strip? A cloth strip? You be the judge.

Trivial Net

So you think you know computers? You punched punch cards by hand with Babbage, you programmed a Commodore 64 when you were just a tot, you were the first on your block to know HTML, you hack UNIX like a pro. Well, it's time to see what useless information you've absorbed along with the useful stuff. Visit Trivial Net, the place to test your knowledge of high-tech and computer trivia.

Bad Literature

Do you think you're a really bad writer? Take heart, you could win a prestigious award for your drivel. The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest has challenged entrants for almost 20 years to compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels.

Worst of the Web

Each weekday, your guides Buzz, Melvin and Chip feature a really awful site, and tell you why it stinks.

Get Out of Hell Free

Tired of people telling you where to go? There's no better answer to people sticking their noses in your morals than slapping down one of these parody cards. Stickers and t-shirts are also available. " . $szTopicsDisplay . " in the News"; ?>


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