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TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: More Good Mailing Lists

Welcome back, gentle riders, to the first issue of TOURBUS in 1999. We have a lot of good stuff in store for you in the coming months, so sit back and enjoy the ride. I really believe that some of the best stuff on the Net is not on the Web - it's in your inbox, or at least it could be. So today, I'm going to feature some excellent online newsletters that you should check out for yourself.

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION? ===================

If you're a webmaster, or you want to learn how to create a killer website, you should subscribe to the weekly WebReference Update newsletter. This popular email newsletter (with over 50,000 subscribers) highlights what's new on - the award-winning Web site about creating Web sites. Think of it as a one-stop Web and webmastering information depot.

You'll find real-time news, regular quality original content by noted experts, and useful code-generating tools. is a comprehensive and valuable resource for both seasoned and aspiring webmasters, and the WebReference Update newsletter is the best way to ensure you get a steady stream of new ideas and helpful tips for your website.

<A href="" WebReference Update - </a>

COULD IT BE TRUE? =================

Consistently good humor is hard to find -- on the net or anywhere else. Here's a net source so good it's been written up by Newsweek, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. The LA Times said that its author is "The Jay Leno of Cyberspace"!

THIS is TRUE is a weekly newspaper column by Randy Cassingham that's also available by email subscription. It summarizes recent bizarre-but-TRUE news stories from the world's "legitimate" press. Each story is punctuated by Randy's outrageous and ironic comments. Here's a sample:

> WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT? Diana LaPorta, running for a seat > on the Volusia County (Fla.) School Board, insists she has a > bachelor's degree even though a local newspaper has revealed she > earned it at "Hamburger University", a training program for > employees of the McDonald's hamburger chain. When asked to clarify > her education, LaPorta said "it does say on my diploma that it is a > 'degree of bachelor'." (Reuters) ...If she gets on the school board, > that may be the only university the kids will be eligible for.

If you're tired of the silly urban legends that people pass around by e-mail, Cassingham's THIS IS TRUE newsletter is Dr. Bob's prescription for a good laugh. To subscribe to THIS IS TRUE, send any email message to For more details visit

<a href=""> THIS IS TRUE - </a>

ARE WE HAVING FUN, PEOPLE? ==========================

If you ask Patrick Crispen about his favorite mailing list, he'll undoubtedly tell you it's Peter Langston's Fun_People list. Fun_People is an edited humor list that been around longer than most people have been online. The only messages that are distributed to the Fun_People list are things that Peter Langston thinks are funny and/or interesting ... and Peter is an excellent editor.

If you'd like a sampling of the kind of postings you'd see if you were a subscriber, visit the Fun_People homepage and poke around in the archives, which date back to 1991. This site also contains information on how to subscribe to the Fun_People list. Find out if you're worthy!

<A href=""> Fun People - </a>

TOP5 / RUMINATIONS ==================

The TOP 5 LIST is a humorous email publication, in the same vein as the famous David Letterman Top 10 lists. Top 5 is written by various "cubicle comics" across the Internet and edited by Chris White. Contributors send their own original witticisms on a specific topic, and Chris picks the best of the crop for each "Top 5" list (which often has more than five items).

Top 5 is always funny, but sometimes a little on the bawdy side. Top5 has been on the net since 1994, and they've cranked out nearly 700 lists in that time, with their lists popping up in well-known print magazines like Rolling Stone and hundreds of radio stations worldwide. To subscribe, send a blank message to:

The RUMINATIONS list is a new publication by the same people who subject you to The Top 5 List. Subscribers receive 3 humorous quotes every weekday, which are sent in by Ruminations list readers all over the world. To subscribe, send a message to, with SUBSCRIBE RUMINATIONS on the *first* line of the message.

LAUGH-A-LOT! ============

If you like to laugh, but you don't care for some of the more "adult" sources of humor on the Net, try LAUGH-A-LOT, the clean-jokes-only email list. When you subscribe to this free service, you'll receive a clean joke in your inbox every morning. Just send email to: or visit

<a href=""> LAUGH-A-LOT! - </a>

That's all for now. Patrick and I wish you all a great 1999, and we'll be keeping you up to date with important Year 2000 bulletins. See you next time! --Bob Rankin

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