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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Stuff for Kids
Welcome to another week on the World's Biggest Bus!  Today's issue will
take you on a rollicking tour of the best the web has to offer for kids.
We'll visit several sites that are full of ideas for kids who want to
have fun online, and there will be some goodies for parents & teachers
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>From the Yahoo people, Yahooligans is a web guide just for kids, and has
the same basic look & feel.  Categories include Around the World, School
Bell, Art Soup, Science & Oddities, Computers & Games, Sports, News and
Entertainment.  This is one place my 10-year old visits often when she's
looking for something fun to do the web.
The Parents & Teachers link has a Guide to Teaching with Yahooligans,
Rules for Online Safety and other useful information for grown-ups.
   Yahooligans - 
Surf Monkey
Surf Monkey is a FREE web browser for kids 7 and up.  It includes
multimedia email with optional text-to-speech, monitored chat rooms,
SurfWatch® filtering, profanity filtering, hosted by an animated
wisecracking monkey that guides kids to cool and interesting places.
Kids will love the gadget that allows them to explode, slime or shatter
dumb web pages.  I'd like to have that feature on my browser!
   Surf Monkey - 
The Kids on the Web
This is an excellent site maintained as a labor of love by Internet
luminary Brendan Kehoe.  Kids on the Web has links for Fun Stuff,
Pen Pals, Homework Tools, Children's Books & Stories, and Things for
Teens.  You could spend days exploring all these links, and Brendan
adds about 100 new ones every month.
   Kids on the Net - 
You might also enjoy reading my March 1996 "Zen & Blarney" interview
with Brendan, published in Boardwatch Magazine.
   Zen & Blarney - 
The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace
An excellent annotated list of web sites recommended for preschool
through elementary age children - from the American Library Association.
Also includes links for parents.
   ALA Guide - 
Children's Software Revue
Offline, the Children's Software Revue is a full color magazine on
technology and learning that is sold on newsstands and books stores.
Online, it's a great resource as well, with articles and a search
Use the Children's Software Finder, featuring 3,633 educational
software reviews, with direct links to online catalog order forms.
Or view the results of the "State of Technology in Classrooms" survey
and find out if computers really do make kids smarter.
   CSR - 
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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