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                 TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Rider's Revenge #7
One of my favorite things about Tourbus is hearing from readers and
sharing the sites that YOU think are fun and interesting.  Today's
Rider's Revenge issue is an eclectic mix of sites that you'll be
sure to enjoy.
You can find other "Revenge" issues in the Tourbus archives at - but first, a few words from the great
sponsors who keep the Bus rolling...
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Frank Ferguson, somewhere on AOL writes:
"How far does Y2K Compliance need to go?"  If you like a good chuckle,
visit Sanyo's small appliance showcase and you'll find a Cheese Grater,
Toaster, Can Opener and other gizmos that are advertised as "Y2K
Compliant".  It's comforting to know that we'll still be able to enjoy
a bit of grated cheese after the collapse of civilization.  As long as
the batteries hold out... 
Bernie Poole (who proudly bears the title of Associate Professor of
Education and Instructional Technology, University of Pittsburgh at
Johnstown) writes:
First, let me tell you how much I appreciate Tourbus.  There's usually
something I want to use in there.  I also garner ideas for my own
Resources for Educators.  I have over 2000 links now to sites of
interest across the board in K-12 education.
Bernie has an interesting Thought for the Day Archive, and sections
on Web Resources for Educators, Kids and the Internet, and Teachers
and the Internet. 
Jann Hartman in Baltimore Maryland writes:
I wanted to tell you about some web sites on PPS: Post Polio Syndrome.
If you choose to devote some future newsletter space to this important
subject, it will help some polio survivor get linked up with the help
and support that he or she needs.  The problem with Polios is that we
"recovered" some 20 to 40 years ago from the acute Polio.  Now, in our
40s or 50s we are experiencing clusters of symptoms like you would
expect people in their 70s and 80s as they age.   For info, visit: 
Sandy Turner, of Durango Colorado writes:
You may have already seen The Dialectizer, but I thought you would
like this.  It converts English text to Redneck, Jive, Cockney,
Elmer Fuddish, Swedish Chefish, Moron, or Pig Latin. 
Peter F, from somewhere in Germany writes:
I have just visited an italian museum on the net, that has some
nice pages about leonardo davinci and his inventions.  Is that
something for a tourbus trip?
Well sure!  The Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci
or the "Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology"
in Milan Italy is one of the most important technical and scientific
museums in the world.  Explore it online at: 
Sharon Katz, web producer for Popular Science Magazine writes:
I came across your "tours" a few weeks ago while searching through and have been visiting the archives ever since.  I really
enjoy the newsletter and think you guys do a terrific job.
Our editors select and review the coolest gadgets, gizmos and
achievements on the market in 10 areas -- Audio & Video, Automotive &
Technology , Aviation & Space, Cars, Computers & Software, Electronics,
Home & Technology, Photography, Recreation, and Science & Technology.
Right now you can visit our site and see the 50 Best Science and
Technology Web Sites. 
Jack Mingo, editor of Whole Pop Magazine writes:
Want a pop quiz on Pop Tarts or the bare fact about why Woody Allen
has a problem with teddy bears? Based on the best-selling Whole Pop
Catalog (Avon Books), the site is chock full of indispensible trivia,
thingamajigs, weird side-trips and preposterous graphics--all the
cool stuff that pop culture is made of.
Recent and upcoming issues include Teddybears, Motorcycles, Toaster
Foods, Oral Hygiene and Lunchboxes. Check it out at: 
That's all for now.  If you have any favorites you think would be good
in our next Rider's Revenge issue, send 'em to me!  --Bob Rankin
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