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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: World Village
Over the years, I've made a lot of friends in cyberspace, but the fun
thing is that I've never met most of them in person.  Joel Comm is one
of those people.  He's an invisible cyber-pal I've come to know and
trust, and was nice enough to host the original Tourbus website a few
years back.  Today I've invited him to take us on a tour of his World
Village family of websites.
But first, I want to thank our long-time sponsor ACSM (see above) and
a couple of new sponsors (see below).  Please visit and patronize them
to say thanks for keeping the Bus rolling!
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Thanks Bob!  Hi - I'm Joel Comm, the Mayor of WorldVillage.  People
always ask if they can run against me in the next election.  Sorry,
folks.  WorldVillage is a benevolent dictatorship.  [|:-)
Anyway, I am stepping out from behind the Mayor's desk and am excited
to be sitting in the driver's seat.  I promise you a fun tour of the
WorldVillage Family of Sites.  Alright, how do you drive this big 'ole
thing, anyway?  Ah, that's it.  Hey, she handles pretty easily!
Ok folks, bear with me if we hit a few bumps along the way.
WorldVillage is one of the oldest (online since July of '95) and one
of the largest family-friendly sites on the web, so pardon me if I
take my eyes off the road as I show you the finer points of our fair
All Aboard!
Our excursion begins at the WorldVillage portal page.  No less than a
multi-lane freeway, WorldVillage offers diverse paths, offering
something for everyone.  Parents, children, gamers, net surfers,
contest hounds, chatters, and the family dog can all find a favorite
place to begin.  So we'll take a drive through each part of town. 
Family First
First stop is Family First, the weekly web and email newsletter for
WorldVillage Citizens (by the way, Citizenship is open to everyone.
No passport or green card necessary!) Subscribe to Family First and
receive a weekly helping of great sites, all screened and reviewed to
assure quality, all with a liberal dose of attitude, just to make
things interesting. 
We are currently holding a $500 Software Shopping Spree Sweepstakes at
Family First.  Enter now for your chance to win $500 in computer
games, compliments of  AND, mention that you heard
about this sweepstakes from the Internet Tourbus and you could win a
very cool, colorful WorldVillage T-shirt! 
The IdeaBox
Next stop is a popular place for parents and teachers responsible for
young children.  Welcome to the IdeaBox.  Maintained by the husband/wife
team of David and Pam Lester, the IdeaBox is the fastest growing site at
WorldVillage.  You'll find a huge database of ideas at your fingertips.
Looking for the perfect craft for an upcoming holiday?  It's here.  Need a recipe for a unique desert?
It's here.  How about tips on disciplining your rugrats?  Yup, it's
here too.  When you've found the perfect idea, feel free to contribute
your own.  You may get selected for Idea of the Day! 
Seek and ye shall find!  Only that's not always the case when using
the behemoth search engines and directories.  Too many choices.  Too
few good matches.
That's where FamilySeek comes in.  ONLY the best sites related to
parenting, pregnancy, and families are foumd here.  Listed in a
Yahoo-style directory, and reviewed for all content, FamilySeek is a
perfect starting place to find the "good stuff". 
Club WV
I've always said the Internet is about four things - entertainment,
information, commerce and community.  Club WV steps in to fill the
shoes of the latter.  The heart and soul of any village is the people
who inhabit it.  And Club WV is the place to find the people at
A popular hangout for people seeking a "clean" Internet experience,
Club WV features message boards and live chat 24 hours a day.  The
discussion is lively, the people are friendly, and it is a smoke-free
Online Games
Games, games, games.  Our games are the favorite feature of some
WorldVillage Citizens.  Again, you'll find something for everyone
The most popular games are those that offer PRIZES.  Trivia Hound and
Scrambles are daily games that offer a chance at a software prize
every 24 hours.  Current sponsors include Interplay, I-Magic, Access
Software, and some other big names.
And for Bingo maniacs, there is Bingo Blitz.  Play 3 cards at one time
and have your chance at winning CA$H prizes. And of course, there are WorldVillage classics, such as The MYST
Trivia Challenge and Manic Maze.  These and other games can all be
found in the Village Online. 
Hey mom and dad.  While you are hanging out at WorldVillage, swing on
over to KIDZ and drop the little ones off for a spell.  They'll find
postcards to send, coloring pages to print out, games to play,
newsletters to read, comics, puzzles, screensavers and more.  And you
might find that it brings out the kid in you as well. 
Other Cool Stuff
As we head back to the WorldVillage home page, you'll discover a
fistful of other great features we haven't had time to touch on.
Don't miss these gems in the Village Online:
Family Site of the Day
Too Cool School House Site of the Week
Believer's Weekly 
Also, check out the Parental Control page, the WorldVillage Mayor-Cam,
Digital Postcards, and the ever-popular Baked Lays Addict Page,
featuring a pictorial of my personal addiction to low-fat crunchy
Finally, if you have a web page of your own, you may want to consider
joining the WorldVillage Banner Exchange.  We only allow
family-friendly sites in the exchange, and your banner will show up on
our network of sites, including WorldVillage!  If you want some free
exposure for your site, check it out. 
Phew!  There is a lot to see at WorldVillage.  Did we lose anyone on
this tour?  Maybe I'll take another ride around looking for
stragglers.  Uh oh..  there's Bob, and I think he wants to keys to the
bus back.  Darn, I was really beginning to enjoy this.  I wonder if
GreyHound is taking applications...
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Thanks Joel, for driving today.  Enjoy WorldVillage and feel free to
mail Joel Comm at  That's all for now, see
you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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