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This is a repost of last Thursday's TOURBUS post.  It would mean a lot
to me if you could re-send this post to anyone who you think would
enjoy it (parents, educators, journalists, friends, and so on).  Bob
and I are always looking for new ways to introduce TOURBUS to new
people, and I cannot think of a better spokesperson for TOURBUS than
you and your fellow TOURBUS riders.
Besides, I think you will agree that the Safekids Web site is a resource
that *EVERYONE* needs to know about.  :)
Thanks again!
-- Patrick Crispen
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Howdy, y'all!  :)
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On with the show ...
It comes as no surprise that some rather nasty people are using the
Net for nefarious purposes.  Consider the most degenerate person
imaginable, one so corrupt that he is one in ten thousand.  Simple
arithmetic shows us that on a slow day, with only a million people
using the Net, one hundred such nasty individuals will be out there.
If you have visited an Internet chat room, you've probably met some of
the Net's sleazes and perverts.  They're the ones who ask you for your
bra size, invite you to join them in Net sex, or query you on your
most intimate secrets.  As adults, we instinctively know that the best
way to deal with perverts like these is to ignore them.  But do our
children know that?  Do our children know that strangers in the online
environment are just as dangerous as -- and, in some ways, are even
more dangerous than -- strangers in the real world?
Chances are, the answer is no.  One group working to change that is
the Naperville, Illinois, Police Department's Internet Crimes Unit.
Together with Microsoft and the Illinois Attorney General's Internet
Task Force, the cops in Naperville created the "SafeKids" Web site to
"help parents and educators teach children the fundamental 'rules of
the road' for safe exploration on the information highway."
You can find the SafeKids Web site at .
The Web site features a free PowerPoint presentation, complete with
in-depth lecture notes and a teacher's guide, developed by detectives
who specialize in Internet crimes.  The presentation teaches children
how to recognize and understand the "stranger danger" they face every
time they venture online.  In fact, the SafeKids site offers two
versions of the same PowerPoint presentation: a regular version and
one that is narrated.  Best of all, both the regular and narrated
presentations are simple, effective, and easy to use.  You don't even
have to know much about computers.  All you have to do is:
     1. Download one of the PowerPoint files;
     2. Pre-read the SafeKids teacher's guide (which can be accessed
        directly from the SafeKids site or by pointing your browser to; and
     3. Pre-read the lecture notes (included in the PowerPoint file;
        see below).
Do this and you will be ready to use the SafeKids PowerPoint
presentation to teach any child what he or she needs to know about the
risks posed by online strangers.
Now for the bad news.  While the SafeKids PowerPoint presentations are
spectacular, the PowerPoint files themselves are HUGE and take a while
to download, especially if you choose to download the narrated
version.  And, unfortunately, Microsoft's SafeKids Web site leaves a
LOT to be desired.  For example, the Web site incorrectly states the
file size for each of the SafeKids PowerPoint files.  Here is the
correct information:
       The plain PowerPoint file, without narration -- 1.25 Mb
       It should take about 6 minutes to download this file over a
       28.8 modem
     - ZIP FILE
       The plain PowerPoint file, without narration, zipped -- 1.06 Mb
       It should take about 5 minutes to download this file over a
       28.8 modem
       The narrated PowerPoint file -- 11.54 Mb
       It should take about 56 minutes to download this file over a
       28.8 modem
     - ZIP FILE
       The narrated PowerPoint file, zipped) -- 9.37 Mb
       It should take about 45 minutes to download this file over a
       28.8 modem
To view any of these presentations, you need either PowerPoint or
Microsoft's free PowerPoint viewer.  Microsoft's SafeKids Web site
provides a link to where you can download a free copy of the
PowerPoint viewer for Windows but shamefully omits a similar link for
Mac users.  Not to fear, though -- that's where today's TOURBUS comes
in.  :)
If are a Windows user who does not already have a copy of Microsoft
PowerPoint installed on your PC, you can download a free copy of
Microsoft's PowerPoint viewer at .
Mac users can find a similar Mac version of the PowerPoint viewer at .
Now for the REALLY bad news.  Each of the 37 slides in the SafeKids
presentation comes with in-depth lecture notes that provide you with
additional information and discussion topics for you and your
children.  Unfortunately, you can only view these lecture notes if you
are using the full version of Microsoft PowerPoint.  If you use
Microsoft's free PowerPoint viewer, you will not be able to see ANY of
these notes.  [Hopefully someone in Redmond will read today's TOURBUS
post and quickly rectify that situation.]
To view the lecture notes in Microsoft PowerPoint, open the SafeKids
presentation in PowerPoint and go to View --> Notes Page.  To print
out the lecture notes (which I strongly recommend you do), go to File
--> Print and down at the bottom of the new screen choose "Notes
Pages" from the 'Print what:' pull-down menu.
In fact, if you are going to use the SafeKids PowerPoint presentation
with your students or children, here's what I recommend you do:
     1. If you don't have PowerPoint, download the PowerPoint viewer.
     2. Download the narrated version of the SafeKids presentation.
        Yes, the file is big.  Yes, it is going to take forever to
        download.  Your kids are worth the wait.
     3. Visit the teacher's guide page (there is a link to it on the
        SafeKids Web site), print it, and read it.
     4. If you have the full version of PowerPoint, open the
        SafeKids presentation, print out the lecture notes, and read
        them too.
     5. Once you have read all of the support material, sit your
        children in front of the computer and go over the SafeKids
        presentation with them.  Ask questions.  Make this a family or
        classroom activity.
Microsoft's gaffes aside, the SafeKids PowerPoint presentation is
spectacular and is going to teach your children or students how to
recognize and understand the "stranger danger" they face every time
they venture online.
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again next week!
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