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Howdy, y'all, and greetings from beautiful Tuscaloosa, Alabama!
Your fearless bus driver has a small favor to ask of you.  In a few
moments, I am going to send you both today's TOURBUS post and a copy
of last Thursday's post.  The favor I ask is this: it would mean a lot
to me if you could re-send these posts to anyone who you think would
enjoy them (parents, educators, journalists, friends, and so on).  Bob
and I are always looking for new ways to introduce TOURBUS to new
people, and I cannot think of a better spokesperson for TOURBUS than
you and your fellow TOURBUS riders.  :)
Also, as a special treat, I am happy to announce that Lee Overstreet,
multimedia expert and co-host of the number 1 college radio show in
America, will be guest-writing next Thursday's TOURBUS post.  [I am
going to be in Paris next week, so Lee has graciously offered to fill
in for me.]  Be looking for a great post from Lee on Thursday that
talks about some of the latest advances in Internet audio.
TOURBUS remains free thanks to the financial support of our sponsors.
I want to thank the folks at "The International Advisory Panel,"
"Affordable Computer Supply Marketplace," and "Golden Palace" for
making today's journey of our little bus of Internet happiness
possible.  Please take a moment to visit today's sponsors and thank
them for keeping TOURBUS on the road!
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On with the show ...
Night on Blue Mountain
Spend any amount of time online and your are bound to receive a Blue
Mountain Arts online greeting card from one of your friends.  Blue
Mountain is a
     greeting card publisher based in Boulder Colorado.  We offer,
     as a public service, free electronic animated and musical
     greeting cards that you can e-mail to anyone in the world.  Some
     of these cards contain messages of love and appreciation, some
     are for saying sorry, some offer encouragement or friendship, and
     others are whimsical.  There are thousands of cards in English,
     Chinese, French, and Spanish, but all are about relating to each
     other through honest words.
     [quote from]
As anyone who has received a Blue Mountain Arts card can tell you,
Blue Mountain's cards are charming.  Moreover, unlike other online
greeting card companies, Blue Mountain does not require you or your
recipient to download ANYTHING.  All of Blue Mountain's "cards" are
just simple HTML files (Web pages).  To read a card, you just have to
point your Web browser to a special address on Blue Mountain's Web
site.  In fact, there is a special Blue Mountain greeting card (from
me) waiting for you right now at .
To send your own free, online greeting cards, just hop on over to Blue
Mountain Arts main Web page at .
You can also go to, but (at least from
sunny Tuscaloosa) the address is a tad bit
Sending a free Blue Mountain card to your friends or loved ones could
not be simpler.  Just click on the appropriate occasion you want to
celebrate, select the card you like the most, personalize it (scroll
down and then type in the appropriate information), and send it.
That's it.  There's no cost.
Now for the news that is going to make you sick to your stomach: Blue
Mountain Arts is currently under attack.  Some disturbed bozo thought
it would be funny to send an email to everyone he knew saying that he
     Just received a call from family.  A friend of theirs opened a
     card from Blue Mountain Cards and system crashed.
     Do not open Blue Mountain Cards until further notice.  Virus has
     infiltrated their system ... pass it on ...
The story has spread across the Net like wildfire.  Sadly, this story
is a blatant lie specifically designed to hurt one of the most decent
groups of people on the Internet.  And Blue Mountain is all but
powerless to stop this hoax.
You can read more about this hoax at .
David "stop calling me a magician" Emery also has a wonderful article
on this hoax at
me .
[Man, that's a LONG address.  It may be easier if you just went to and clicked on "Current Net Hoaxes &
Rumors"].  David's article makes two very important points:
     1. The very notion that a virus could have "infiltrated their
        system" or been transferred to users via Blue Mountain cards
        is absurd.  The cards consist of nothing but Web pages made up
        of graphic images and text.  None of Blue Mountain's mailings
        go out with file attachments.
     2. I'm occasionally asked by people who take offense at my
        sarcastic commentary on the subject what real harm is done by
        forwarding Net rumors without checking them out first.  If
        anyone's still unclear on the concept, talk to Stephen and
        Jared Schutz [the owners of Blue Mountain Arts].  They have
        plenty to say on the matter.
Gives you a moment of pause, doesn't it?  [And now you can see why I
asked you to forward today's TOURBUS post to as many people as you
The Southern Word Homepage
Since we are the self-proclaimed "little bus of Internet happiness,"
and since the Blue Mountain story is rather depressing, let's see if
we can add a little levity to today's post.  I am happy to announce
that the Southern Word Homepage, an ever-growing dictionary of how to
speak Southern, has FINALLY been updated.  You can find the new Word
homepage at .
I hope you will enjoy the changes.  :)
That's it for this week.  I will be out of the country (and away from
my computer) for the next week or so, so please don't be offended if
it takes me a little while to respond to your emails.  One bit of
trivia for you: this will be the longest time I have spent offline
since January of 1992.
Yep ... I'm a geek.  :P
SPA (noun or verb)..One employed in the art of espionage.
Usage: "That James Bond sure is a good spa!"
[Special thanks to Tara Calishain for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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