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Subject:      TOURBUS-EXTRA - 13 Mar 1999 - Special Request
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Dear Tourbus Rider,
This is a special edition of TOURBUS sent to ask you a favor...
Patrick and I need your help.  Normally we don't send out TOURBUS
issues that are so obviously self-serving, but we figured hey - what
the heck?  And we didn't want to beg, because it's so humiliating to
grovel pitifully in front of 90,000 people.
Okay, we're begging. We're grovelling pitifully.  So please read on...
We're doing some marketing for Intuit - makers of the popular TurboTax
and MacInTax software - and they're nice enough to give us a small
commission for every person who agrees to try the product.  We want
you to do this because:
a) We are desperate for money.
b) A man named "Luigi" will break our legs unless we convince 5000
   people to try the TurboTax software.
c) It's FREE.
I've used TurboTax myself, and I can tell you its a fantastic program
for saving time & money on your taxes.  Once you try Turbo-Tax, you'll
never go back to doing taxes the hard way.  Turbo-Tax SAVES YOU MONEY
by pointing out DEDUCTIONS you may have missed, does all the MATH and
fills out the FORMS.  The 1998 TAX LAWS are built-in and Turbo-Tax
walks you through the whole process - even helps you find those IRS
AUDIT triggers!
By visiting the website shown below, you can sign up for a FREE copy
of TurboTax or MacInTax and try it out for up to 30 days. If you don't
agree that its the best thing since sliced bread, just send it back.
You only have to pay for the software if you decide to keep it.  No
risk, no tricks, no sweat.
But wait there's more (and no, it's not free steak knives).  Just for
trying TurboTax, you'll get a FREE copy of Rand McNally's TripMaker 98
Software.  And you can keep it even if you return TurboTax.  What a
So please take pity on us.  Patrick and Bob can only eat Ramen noodles
so many nights a week.  Go ahead and click on the address below, take
advantage of the TurboTax offer, and you'll sleep better knowing that
Luigi won't be visiting your favorite busdrivers anytime soon.
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