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        Microsoft Unique Identifier Patch /
        Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
Bon jour, y'all, and greetings from beautiful Tuscaloosa, Alabama!
I want to welcome our new TOURBUS riders who have joined us over the
past couple of days.  As our veteran riders know by now, TOURBUS
remains free thanks to the financial support of our sponsors.  I want
to thank the folks at "The International Advisory Panel," "Golden
Palace," and "Cyber Baskets" for making today's journey of our little
bus of Internet happiness possible.  Please take a moment to visit
today's sponsors and thank them for keeping TOURBUS on the road!
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On with the show ...
Another Patch From Microsoft
Gee, I go to France for a week, and the whole world falls apart.  In
my absence, the folks at CNET reported that all documents created in
Microsoft Office 97 (Microsoft Word 97, Excel 97, PowerPoint 97, and
so on) contain "unique identification numbers that include information
about users' personal computers and the individual who registered the
software."  Golly.
According to Microsoft, "[t]he unique indentifier generated for Office
97 documents contains information that is derived in part from a
network card, not from an individual user's identity, and thus it is
not possible to reliably determine the author of a document."  [What
Microsoft fails to mention, and CNET fails to report, is that you
don't need the "unique identification number" to find out who authored
a particular Office 97 document -- just right-click on the document,
choose properties, and then click on the summary tab.  That's it.]
Still, people fear numbers, so Microsoft has created two free patches
to remove the unique identifier from all of your Office 97 documents.
The first patch (the Microsoft Office 97 Unique Identifier Patch)
prevents Office 97 from adding the number to any new documents you
create.  Netscape users can find this patch at

Internet Explorer users can find the Microsoft Office 97 Unique
Identifier Patch at 
The second patch (the Microsoft Office 97 Unique Identifier Removal
Tool) removes the number from any and/or all of your old Office 97
documents.  Netscape users can find this second patch at
Internet Explorer users can find the Microsoft Office 97 Unique
Identifier Removal Tool at .
After you install the second patch (the Microsoft Office 97 Unique
Identifier Removal Tool) just go to Start --> Programs --> Microsoft
Office Tools --> Microsoft Office 97 Unique Identifier Removal Tool.
You can then pick the file(s), folder(s), or directories you want to
have "de-numbered."
You can find out more about this whole number thing in CNET's article
"Microsoft patches Office privacy hole" at,4,33953,00.html .
This URL is the same for both Netscape and Internet Explorer users.
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
Many TOURBUS riders asked me to take pictures while I was in France
last week.  While I wait to have those pictures developed -- no, I
still don't have a digital camera -- I thought you might appreciate
our next stop.  This may be a little difficult to understand -- and it
my even sound a tad bit jingoistic -- but the one place in France I
*had* to visit while I was over there was the Normandy American
Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-mer.  This cemetery, situated
on a cliff overlooking Omaha Beach, is the final resting-place of
9,386 American servicemen and women killed during the Normandy
landings and ensuing operations of World War II.  [This cemetery also
served as the backdrop of the opening and closing scenes of the movie
"Saving Private Ryan."].
The American Battle Monuments Commission has created a Web page for
the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial at .
This page contains both images of and information about the cemetery.
If you have Adobe's Acrobat reader installed on your computer, you can
also view a wonderful, free, 22 page booklet about the cemetery.  This
booklet, which was created by the American Battle Monuments
Commission, is an illustrated guide to the cemetery, telling you the
cemetery's history and offering you images and maps of the cemetery's
grounds.  You can find the PDF version of the booklet at .
The PDF file itself is pretty big -- just over a megabyte in size --
and it takes almost five and a half minutes to download over a 28.8
modem.  It is worth the wait, though, especially if you have never had
the opportunity to visit the cemetery in person.
[Side story: your fearless bus driver really should have visited the
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial's Web site before he went to
France.  After a three-hour drive from Paris, I arrived at the
cemetery at 5:01 PM ... only to discover that the cemetery had closed
at 5:00.  The bright side to this is that it gave me a reason to make
a second trip to Normandy (and the cemetery) three days later.]  :)
That's it for this week!  Have a safe and happy weekend, and I will
talk to you again next week!
PILLAR (noun).  Something on which you rest your head.
Usage: "Put yer pillar back on the bed!"
[Special thanks to Pete Martin for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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