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Howdy, y'all!
TOURBUS remains free thanks to the financial support of our sponsors.
I want to thank the folks at "LifeMinders," "eRock," and
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On with the show ...
Have you ever noticed that most computer gurus speak in an alien
tongue?  For example, ask a guru to explain how the GIF file format
works, and she is likely to tell you that
     LZW is a lossless compression algorithm and
     compression/decompression times are symmetric.  LZW is a
     repeated-string compressor, it uses a data dictionary ... to
     represent linear sequences of data in the uncompressed input
Uh-huh.  Any questions?
Clearly, we need some sort of guru-to-human translator.  Fortunately,
such a translator exists.  It is called "": . is an online dictionary of computing terms.  Best of all, explains complicated computing terms in plain and succinct
language.  Well ... sort of plain language.  I still wouldn't
recommend to newbies.
The site itself takes a little getting used to.  The Web page is broken into five different frames:
     1. The left-hand frame, which has navigational links to all of
        the stuff that WhatIs offers.  [Spend some time exploring
        these links.  Believe me when I say there is gold in them thar
     2. The top-right frame, which is sort of an "A to Z" tab.  Click
        on the letter you are interested in, and all of the computing
        terms that begin with that letter are displayed in ...
     3. What I call the "scolling dictionary" frame.  This frame shows
        all of the computing terms you can access.  Just click on a
        particular term, and its definition and a brief description of
        everything you need to know about that term are displayed in
     4. The "body" frame.  And, of course, below the body frame is ...
     5. An ad.  :)
While it is easy to focus on all of's definitions, don't
forget to look at the left-hand frame to see all of the other stuff
WhatIs offers.  In fact, I particularly recommend:
     - "The Speed Of ..." which tells you the speed of everything from
       a regular telephone connection to an OC-256.  This is the most
       complete list of modem and network speeds I have ever seen
       (although I am a little disappointed that they did not take the
       time to show you how fast these connections are in kilobytes
       and megabytes per second -- they only list the number of *bits*
       per second.).
     - "Learning Paths" which lets you read (and learn) a series of
       definitions related to the same topic in sequence, one
       definition at a time.  This is a GREAT learning tool!
As I said earlier, the site takes a little getting used to.
However, once you figure out how the site is organized, you'll see
what a wonderful resource really is.
PC's Must-Read List
Last week I mentioned that NewsScan now holds a proud position on my
ever-shrinking "must-read" list.  My "must-read" list is a list of
Internet newsletters, newspapers, and Web sites I go out of my way to
read every day.
A few TOURBUS riders asked to see my list.  Well, my list changes from
month to month as I discover new Internet sites and resources, but
here is my "must-read" list as of now:
NewsScan Daily
NewsScan Daily is a free, 5-day-a-week summary of significant
information technology news.  If you liked Edupage, you'll love
NewsScan Daily.  For more information, see our 22 April 99 post at
InfoBeat News (Morning Coffee Edition)
InfoBeat News is a free, customizable service that delivers a daily e-
mail summary of news topics, including U.S. news, international news
and special events.  I've seen a lot of online newspapers, but
InfoBeat News is still my favorite (probably because it is so
customizable).  For more information, see our 16 July 98 post at
Today's Papers
Today's Papers is a free digest of the day's biggest news stories.
What makes this a must-read is Scott Shuger's spot-on observations (he
catches stuff that no one else seems to catch).  For more information
on Today's Papers, see our 3 September 98 post at
Good Morning Silicon Valley
The address may have changed, but GMSV is still my favorite source of
tech news.  For more information, see our 25 June 1998 post at
That's it (I told you my list is "ever-shrinking").  Have a safe and happy
weekend, and we'll talk again next week!  :)
TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP(S): / PC's Must-Read List
WAFFLE (contraction).
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[Special thanks to Ellen Lee for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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