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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: iTrack Auction Tracking
In this issue you'll learn about a brand new Auction Tracking service
called iTrack, which was just unveiled this week.  iTrack is the first
service to simplify finding what you want in the busy world of online
auctions.  You can track auctions on eBay, Amazon Auctions, Yahoo!
Auctions, and other auction sites.
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With the advent of online auctions, there's yet another source of
information anxiety - that feeling that you're missing out on a really
good deal because you don't have time to monitor all the auction sites
for the object of your desiring.
Call it eBay angst, Amazon agida, or what you like.  But it keeps some
of us awake at night.
Internet auctions are one of the fastest growing segments of the
online world, and Jupiter Communications projects that there will be
over 6 million online auction users by 2002, and that those poor
angst-ridden souls will shell out $7 billion dollars over the next
four years at auction sites.
Fortunately, there are good people working on the problem.  Actually,
one of them is a cyberfriend of mine, who has served as a guest driver
on our humble (but ever so large) Bus.  Dave Taylor, the online
pioneer, founder of The Internet Mall, and Writer of Many Geeky Books
has teamed up with online promotional wizard Eric Ward to bring us
Preach It, Brother Dave
"With the growing number of sites and sellers, it is increasingly
difficult for users to find the item or bargain they are looking for.
Whether the search is for a certain beanie baby, Elvis concert
tickets, antique crystal or a Michael Jordan autographed basketball,
iTrack's busy finding what users seek," said Dave Taylor, founder of
iTrack.  "No matter how rare or unusual the item, iTrack ensures that
users locate it, and never miss another great buy."
If it sounds like I stole that quote right out of a press release,
well that's because I did.  But it kind of tells the whole story,
doesn't it?
How iTrack Works
To use iTrack, you must first register online at:
with your email address, name and zipcode.  You then say what you're
looking for and the auction sites you want to monitor.  The iTrack
system automatically searches the selected auction sites for the
keywords you specified, and if there are any matches to report, they
are sent to you by email.
When you register, you select an iTrack Search Pack, of which there
are three yummy flavors:
iTrack FREE 3-Pack allows subscribers to enter up to three searches
and have them checked daily.
iTrack 8-Pack gives subscribers up to eight searches, access to the
private iTrack discussion board and the ability to request more
frequent email notifications in order to stay on top of a popular
auction item.  The annual fee is $25.
iTrack 20-Pack, for the power user, gives subscribers up to 20
searches plus all benefits of the iTrack 8-Pack.  The annual fee is
iTrack is Safe
Besides the fact that Dave Taylor is a very nice person who would
never misuse your personal information, you can feel good that iTrack
has also earned the coveted TRUSTe privacy certification, which
guarantees the confidentiality of both personal and search
If you're an auction addict, give iTrack a spin.  If you're skeptical,
go for the freebie version, and upgrade when you see the value in
more searches and more frequent notifications.
I've got iTrack on the lookout for a 1948 Chevrolet Deluxe and some
other items I'm too busy to hunt for at the auction sites.  I love
the idea of intelligent agents, so this one is a winner my book.
That's all for now, but don't go far from the inbox this weekend.
We've got another TOURBUS EXTRA coming your way, with updates on
Streaming Media and a (true!) virus warning.  See you soon!  --Bob
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