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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Rider's Revenge #8

One of my favorite things about Tourbus is hearing from readers and
then passing along selected sites they've mentioned.  Today's Rider's
Revenge contains some really fun and interesting destinations that
you'll be sure to enjoy.

You can find other "Revenge" issues in the Tourbus archives at - but first, a few words from the great
sponsors who keep the Bus rolling...

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*** Lee Seats from Lancaster, PA snuck through the turnstiles and said:

I've subscribed to Tourbus for quite some time and enjoy the little
jaunts you take us on. I'm Lee Seats, the Guide to Freebies
and I thought you might want to look my site over as a possible
destination for the Tourbus.

I present a wide variety of free offers and services as well as interject a little of my own offbeat personality. I don't list every offer that has the word free on the page. I do my best to weed out the junk and the scams.  I'd rather present two qualitylinks per day than a dozen or two that are of dubious value to users. 

*** Tara Scholtz from College Park, Maryland needled me thusly:

If anyone is interested in any form of embroidery (cross stitching,
crewel, needlepoint, etc), a very comprehensive site is Kathy Dyer's
"Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page".

There is a large community of stitchers who participate in the
newsgroup rec.crafts.textiles.needlework and Kathy's page began as a
guide to not only house the FAQ but to provide information and links
to just about anything dealing with stitchery.  For stitchers, Kathy's
web site is a must to visit. 

*** Jack Duggan from Seattle, Washington opined:

Loved the last Revenge issue.  Found one recently that is both an
excellent web site and one of the best parodies I've ever seen.
Check out the Traffic Cone Preservation Society at


*** Marilynn Larkin from New York, New York stated:

I'd like to recommend our newly-live Midlife Wellness Center for
review in Tourbus.  We offer resources and strategies for individuals
at midlife  who want to maintain their health, seek new challenges,
and continue to  learn, grow, and prosper. 

*** John Vander Weit of Flossmoor, Illinois snapped:

I have a new photo site that allows people to download free nature
desktop backgrounds and also purchase photos.  My site is Stellar
Nature Scenes and is at 

Ed. Note:  I downloaded a great scene from Yosemite for my desktop!
Flossmoor?  Is there a dental college there, or what?

*** Jessica Botta from Falls Church, Virginia roared:

The World Wildlife Fund just launched a Web site detailing their
efforts to preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon River Basin.
Saving the Amazon features resources and information, cool sounds
and activities, and ways you can help. 

*** Diane Morgan, from the NY Times quipped:

Send the Bus on over to the New York Times Learning Network - a free service for students in grades 6-12, their teachers and parents. The site is updated daily,  and offers a wealth of educational resources and activities, including  a daily news quiz, lesson plan archive, monthly crossword puzzles, and a selective archive of historic articles.

Each month students can play a new crossword on The New York Times
Learning Network. The puzzles are edited by the Times puzzle master,
Will Shortz. If your browser supports Java, your students can play the
puzzle on-line, or you can print out an image of the puzzle to play
with pencil and paper. 

*** Andrew Graner, from Nowhere in Particular, wrote:

Finally! It's about time!  See the Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your
Computer, at this address: 

Ed. Note:  This is REALLY funny!  If you've ever been tempted to do
a low-level calibration of your hard drive with a hammer, or
partition using a hacksaw, then this is for you.

That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin

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