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Howdy, y'all, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all our passengers here
in the colonies!  :)
TOURBUS -- even bonus TOURBUS posts like this one -- is made possible
by the kind support of our sponsors.  I want to thank the folks at
"ZingCards" for making today's bonus post possible.  As always, please
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On with the show ...
A Quick Preface
A few years ago, the Discovery Channel's science and technology show
"Beyond 2000" ran a story about a company that was using the latest
technology to make hyper-realistic reproductions of fine art
masterpieces.  The story impressed me, and I promised myself that I
would look into this.  Of course, I immediately forgot the name of the
company (as I am wont to do).  :)
Well, thanks to the help of one of your fellow TOURBUS riders, I was
able to find that company again.  In fact, I purchased one of their
reproductions and it is currently hanging in my apartment.  I was so
impressed with this company's artisanship -- and especially with their
prices -- I decided it would be a good idea to tell you about this
company in a TOURBUS post (sort of like what I did when I mentioned
Hasbro's "Rollercoaster Tycoon" in my 1 June post -- I liked the game
and thought I'd tell you about it.  To be completely honest, I doubt
the folks at Hasbro even know I wrote about their game.)
Anyway, I thought I'd send you a bonus TOURBUS post talking about this
art reproduction company because ... well ... I like their work.  :)
The company I am referring to is Artagraph Reproduction Technology
(ART), at .
For about US$200, Artagraph sells hyper-realistic, three-dimensional
oil on canvas copies of famous masterpieces.  The Artagraph process
not only recreates the color of the original, it also reproduces the
surface texture of the original in every detail.  In other words,
Artagraphs let you both see and touch the brushstrokes of the masters
without having to worry about the gendarmerie carting you off to some
dank and dark prison cell.
How good are Artagraph's reproductions?  According to David Nash, the
Director of Impressionist Paintings at Sotheby's auction house in New
York [ ], they are "the best reproductions I
have ever seen."  I agree.  You can read other testimonials about the
quality of Artagraphs' reproductions at .
How are Artagraphs made?  Well, it is a three step process:
      1. The colors of the original painting are scanned by a digital
      2. A bas relief mold is made of the painting's brushstrokes.
      3. The mold, the printed oil-based substrate, and a unique
         laminate canvas material are all placed into an oven press and
         heated to 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit (180-190 Celsius) under
         35-65 tons of pressure, causing the oil substrate to liquefy
         with the laminated canvas, filling into all the cracks and
         crevices on the mold
You can see and read more about this process at .
While the Artagraph process itself is fascinating, you are probably
wondering what paintings Artagraph offers.  You can find a complete
list of their reproductions, by artist, at .
Artagraph's list of artists includes most of the names you see hanging
on the walls of the world's finest museums:
      Aspevig, Beraud, Dishop, Bohawker, Bonnard, Caillebotte, Cassatt,
      Cezanne, Degas, Derain, Desatnick, Dumas, Fischer, Friedrich,
      Gauguin, Graves, Harvey, Juergens, Kanter, Kauffmann, Keirstead,
      Klee, Korovine, Kuhn, Kunstler, Lampman, Le Sidaner, Lewis,
      Lynch, Manet, Marquet, Matthews, Mitchell, Modigliani, Monet,
      Monroe, Nizer, Ong, Patterson, Peter, Pissarro, Renoir, Rockwell,
      Rosseau, Rucker, Saito, Sargent, Schoenherr, Seurat, Sherman,
      Signac, Singer, Sisley, Stubbs, Toulouse-Lautrec, Turner, Van
      Gogh, Van Rysselberhe, Vinella
What's most amazing about the Artagraph process (besides the quality
of their reproductions) is how inexpensive these reproductions are.
For just under US$200 (less than most lithographs and even some
posters), you can have a hyper-realistic, three-dimensional, oil on
canvas reproduction of your favorite masterpiece.  And that US$200
includes shipping to any place in North America (shipping outside of
North America costs an additional US$50).
But wait ... it gets better.  Thanks to the generosity of Vince Dimanno
at ART, I am happy to announce that, for the next 30 days, TOURBUS
riders will receive a 10% discount on every Artagraph you order.  This
is the first time in history that ART has offered a discount.  [To
avoid another "MagiCastle" disaster -- I wrote about MagiCastle's
"Pyramad" game a while back and the response from TOURBUS riders was so
great that we actually crashed MagiCastle's servers -- I sent Artagraph
Reproduction Technology an email telling them that I was going to write
about their site in a future TOURBUS post; they wrote back and offered
to give y'all a discount.  So, not only do the folks at ART make great
reproductions, they are nice people as well!]
To receive your 10% discount,
      1. Find the painting you want -- for example, Paul Cezanne's
         "Landscape With Poplars" -- and click on that painting's "order
         online" link.  There is also a link that tells you how to order
         each painting offline, if you prefer.
      2. On the next screen, pick a quantity from the pull-down list and
         then click on the "Add To Cart" button.
      3. The next page will show you the painting you ordered, a
         description of the painting, the quantity you ordered, and how
         much your order's subtotal is.  If all of this information is
         correct, click on the "Complete Secure Order" button.
      4. You may see a warning message that says "[t]he certificate that
         the site '' has presented does not contain
         the correct site name."  You can ignore this and click on the
         "Continue" button.  (Artagraphs' online orders are completely
      5. On the standard order form -- the form that asks you to type in
         your address and stuff like that -- make sure you click on the
         link at the bottom of the page that says
              If you are member of the Artagraph Club, the Artagraph
              Professional  Club or an Approved Affiliate, please click
              here to tell us about yourself so that we can apply the
              appropriate discount to your purchase.
      6. On the next page, ignore the "members" section.  Instead, on
         the pull-down list next to the question "How did you find the
         site," choose "Tourbus Magazine" and click on the "Submit"
Are Artagraphs worth the price?  YES!  I absolutely adore the Artagraph
I recently purchased  -- Monet's "La Gare Saint-Lazare" [you can see it
at ] -- and I plan to order
many more Artagraphs in the near future.  In fact, I'm giving one to my
Mom for her birthday (since she is a TOURBUS rider, though, I hope you
don't mind my not telling you which one I am going to purchase.)  :P
That's about it.  This company's products so impressed me I thought
I'd tell you about it in a special TOURBUS post.  If you are looking
for hyper-realistic, oil on canvas paintings at prices that beat most
lithographs, take a look at Artagraph Reproduction Technology at .
MALL (noun).  A measure of distance.
Usage: "There's 5280 feet in a mall!"
[Special thanks to Los Angeles bus driver "Chuck" for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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