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                 TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: The Free Site
Welcome to another ride on the Internet Tourbus!  We know everybody
likes free stuff, so today we'll be visiting a site that I think is
the Web's top resource for rounding up the all the latest and greatest
freebies in one convenient spot.  But first, please visit our sponsors
for today's tour - they make THIS freebie possible, and they've all
got a free offer of their own.
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********* *************
You may have a seen few "free stuff" sites on your online travels, but
trust me when I say the one we're going to visit today is the best.
The Free Site, on the web at: 
...has won tons of awards because it's comprehensive, fast loading, and
easy to navigate.  Here's what you'll find:
FREE Anonymity & Privacy Tools
In this area, you'll find services & software to protect your privacy
both online and offline.  Look here for The Anonymizer, a useful service
that masks your identity (IP address) so you can surf without leaving
any footprints.
FREE Web site counters & trackers
In this area, you'll find counters that you can add to your own web
pages, and a bunch of different website statistics programs that can
tell you when your visitors arrived, where they came from, and more.
My recommendations are and SuperStats.
FREE Digital Postcards
Here's a boatload of free electronic postcard sites.  Some of the
more interesting entries here are Virtual Chocolate, the Cyrano Server,
and Postcards From Prison.  Give 'em a whirl!
Email Freebies
Here you'll find a roundup of web-based email services, notable ezines,
free mailing list providers and some specialized email services.  Be
sure to check out ListBot (if you want to start your own mailing list),
CoolMail (listen to your email by phone), and StockTrigger (notifies
you by pager, cell phone, or email when a stock reaches a trigger point
you've defined).
FREE Fonts
This section has dozens of annotated links to sources of free fonts,
for both Windows and Mac systems.  I found "1001 Free Fonts" to be a
particularly useful site.
FREE Games
If you're addicted to online games, this is heaven on earth.  In
addition to single-player games, there are live multi-player games,
some with nifty prizes to be won.  The link that caught my attention
was Gametown Emulation, a site that features emulators you can install
to run the classic games of yesteryear, like PacMan, Asteroids, Space
Invaders, Super Mario, and other games from Atari, Coleco, Nintendo and
FREE Pranks and Practical Jokes
Forget about putting a rubberband on the kitchen sink sprayer... go
digital with your pranksterism.  My favorite item here was Fake Format,
a prank program for Windows 95/98 that makes it look like the victim's
hard drive is being formatted.  Can't be stopped, and it even makes
hard drive noises.  Heehehe!
FREE Product Samples
Here are lots of bonafide, 100% free product samples you can get just
by filling out a web form or calling a toll-free number.  Most are for
the USA only, but there are a bunch with international availability.
Look for the Tylenol Allergy Sinus, Microsoft Internet Explorer CD,
Silkies pantyhose, Rembrandt toothpaste, T-shirts, mouse pads,
magazines, Pert Shampoo, Alka-Seltzer and more freebies.
More Free Stuff
You can find hundreds of other links to special-interest freebies
at The Free Site, such as Free Graphics, Free Webspace, Free Services
for Webmasters, and Miscellaneous Freebies.  In the latter category,
my eye was caught by FreeDrive (your own personal 20MB web-based
hard drive) Free Credit Report (get your credit report from Experian),
Trouble Shooters (free PC tech support by volunteers), and Mr. Wakeup
(get wakeup calls at any phone).
Marc McDonald, the nice guy who runs The Free Site, offers this word
of warning about online freebies:
 > "If you sign up for a lot of freebies, you may be targeted by
 > spammers (junk mail senders). Be sure to protect yourself against
 > spam. There's a nice, free anti-spam program out there called
 > Spammer Slammer that you may want to check out."
Spammer Slammer can be found (where else?) at 
On a related note, you might want to (re)read my March 9th article
"Sick of Spam?" in the Tourbus Archives.  Enjoy the free stuff, but
be careful out there.  See you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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