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    The Hunger Site / STS-93
Howdy, y'all, and greetings from sultry Alabama.
TOURBUS is made possible by the kind support of our sponsors.  I want
to thank the folks at "Automation Consulting and Supply, Inc.,"
"eRock," and "Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions" for
making today's post possible.  As always, please visit our wonderful
sponsors and thank them for keeping the bus rolling!
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On with the show ...
Today's TOURBUS post will be a tad bit short because your fearless bus
driver is literally driving blind.  I went to the eye doctor earlier
today to get some contact lenses, and I can't see ANYTHING with these
new contacts!  The eye doctor said it would take a few days for my
eyes to adjust.  Of course, she neglected to tell me that it would
take a few days for my eyes to adjust to the fact that I CANNOT SEE!
Anyway, if you see more typos in today's post than usual, blame it on
my eye doctor.  :P
Here is the set-up for what could possibly be the PERFECT urban
legend: visit a particular Web page, click on a nondescript button on
that page, and some hungry people somewhere in the world will
magically receive some food.  As urban legends go, this one has
EVERYTHING: you feel sorry for the starving people, you want to do
something to help ease their suffering, all you have to do to help
feed these starving people -- and, at the same time, ease your
conscience -- is to visit a particular Web page ... heck, even *I*
couldn't write an urban legend THIS good.
Well, folks, this isn't an urban legend.  There really is a site out
there called "The Hunger Site" that is donating money to hunger relief
organizations.  All you have to do to make a donation is visit 
and click on the "Donate Free Food" button.  Every time you click on
that button, one of the Hunger Site's sponsors donates 3 cents to the
organization running the Hunger Site's Web page.  Of that 3 cents,
approximately 2.58 cents is sent to an international relief
organization [currently the donations are going to the United Nations
World Food Program].  That may not sound like a lot of money, but 2.58
cents is enough to both purchase and transport one and a half cups of
cooked rice or grain cereal.
I know this whole "click on a button, feed a hungry person" story
sounds too good to be true, but I called one of the Hunger Site's
sponsors and they confirmed that they were indeed donating 3 cents for
everyone who clicks on the site's "Donate Free Food" button.  The
sponsors are donating the money to generate goodwill (and, truth be
told, sponsoring the Hunger Site is also a brilliant marketing move --
once someone clicks on the "Donate Free Food" button, they are taken
to a page that shows a small ad for the sponsor.  The click-through
rates for these ads must be phenomenal!)
There is one small piece of bad news, though: you can only click on
the "Donate Free Food" button once every 24 hours.  In other words,
even if you click on the button a million times, you can only donate 3
cents a day.  Still, if you are looking for a way to make a small
difference in the life of someone suffering from hunger and
malnutrition, add the Hunger Site to your bookmarks and try to visit
it once a day.
Just a few moments ago, Eileen Collins became the first female Space
Shuttle commander in history.  In fact, she and her crew are in orbit
as we speak, and you can read more about Collins, her crew, and the
Shuttle's current mission in Yahoo News' "full coverage" section at .
As always, Yahoo News is on top of this story, providing numerous
links to
      - News stories about the flight;
      - Information about STS-93's mission;
      - Biographical information about Collins;
      - Links to other related Web sites; and
      - Other neat stuff like that.  :)
Yahoo is pretty good about keeping their "full coverage" sections up-
to-date -- Collin's lifted off about 30 minutes ago and Yahoo News
already has links to four different news stories about the launch --
so keep checking the Web site over the next couple of days for the
latest news from this historic flight.  According to the folks at
NASA, the Shuttle will return to Earth at 11:20 PM EDT (GMT-5) on July
God speed, Eileen Collins.  :)
    The Hunger Site / STS-93
MAUL (noun).  5280 feet.
Usage: "There's 5,280 feet in a maul."
[Special thanks to William T Bartlett for today's wurd]
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