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       Protecting Your Kids Both Online and Off (Part 3)
Howdy, y'all, and greetings from *BLURRY* Alabama.
I want to thank the folks at the Georgia Vocational Association for
inviting me to speak at their conference in Duluth, Georgia, earlier
today.  As most Southerners already know, the town of Duluth was
memorialized in the famous Civil War tune "Duluth, Duluth, Duluth is
on fire ..."  :P
TOURBUS is made possible by the kind support of our sponsors.  I want
to thank the folks at ACSI Bulk Inks, KBkids, and E-Rock for making
today's post possible.  As always, please visit our wonderful sponsors
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On with the show ...
This is the third of three posts that show you ways to protect your
children both online and off.  In our first post, we talked about the
free "SafeKids" PowerPoint presentation available from Microsoft
[ ], and we also looked at the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's homepage
[ or ].
In our second post, we focused on online child safety by visiting
Larry Magid's and Online Safety Project's "" and
"" sites [ at and ].  You can find the first and second parts
of this series in the Tourbus archives at 
Look for issues dated 99/06/25 and 99/07/16.  Today's post focuses on
a new Web site unveiled earlier today:
GetNetWise is a new, free, educational resource for families and
caregivers that helps you ensure that your kids have a safe,
educational, and entertaining experience on the Net.  You can find
GetNetWise on the Web at .
The GetNetWise site is divided into four sections, and each of the
sections offers an amazing collection of information and resources:
      1. The Online Safety Guide
         The Guide teaches you about the risks kids face online, based
         on age levels or types of activities.  The Guide also includes
         safety tips for kids, teens, and families.
      2. Tools for Families
         This section discusses parental control software, and it
         offers something I have not seen before: a parental control
         software "search engine."  Choose the features you want --
         time limits, sex filtering, blocking outgoing information, and
         so on -- and GetNetWise tells you which software programs have
         those features.  According to a story in the Associated
         Press, the GetNetWise Web site includes details about more
         than 80 commercial software programs parents can use to block
         Web sites inappropriate for children and monitor the time kids
         spend online.  [You can read the rest of the AP's story at ]
      3. Reporting Trouble
         This section teaches you how identify online trouble and get
         law enforcement contact information.  This section also
         provides a list of US child advocacy groups that can help you
         recognize and report online trouble.  [Unfortunately, parts of
         the Reporting Trouble section are VERY US-centric.  Let's hope
         that as the GetNetWise site becomes more popular, they will
         expand this section to include law enforcement contact
         information for families outside of the US.]
      4. Web Sites for Kids
         This section offers a collection of the best kid-safe URLs
         from around the Net.
GetNetWise also offers an online glossary of Internet terms
[ ], but the glossary is
pretty weak and can be ignored.  You can find a MUCH better glossary
GetNetWise's goal is to ensure that all Internet users are only "one
click away" from all the resources they need to make informed
decisions about their family's online experience.  To make this goal a
reality, GetNetWise has attracted a list of corporate partners that
reads like a Who's Who of the technology world: America Online, AT&T,
MCI WorldCom, Microsoft, Disney Online, Lycos, Excite, Yahoo,
AltaVista, Dell ... the list keeps on going.  According to the
Associated Press,
      Companies in the campaign claimed that almost 95 percent of the
      Internet's traffic flows through their sites.
As part of the partnership agreement, GetNetWise's partner companies
can either link to the GetNetWise site directly [like Microsoft has
done at -- look in the bottom left-hand
corner of the page for the link] or incorporate the site's content
into their own online presence [like Lycos has done at ].  In short,
expect to see GetNetWise's child safety information EVERYWHERE!
Of course, you don't have to be a multinational corporation to be able
to support GetNetWise.  If you are interested in providing a link to
GetNetWise from your own Web site, take a look at .
This page tells you how to either link to or frame the GetNetWise
site, and it also tells you how you can become a financial supporter
of the project.
Of all of the child safety sites our little bus of Internet happiness
has visited over the past couple of weeks, GetNetWise is my favorite.
It is a well organized site, and it contains a wealth of information.
Before you let your kids explore the vast world of the Information
Superhighway, you really should visit GetNetWise at and learn how you can protect your children
from the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.  :)
We talked about this last Thursday, but I thought I'd say a few,
quick words about the Hunger Site again this week simply because I
think the site is cool.  :)
Point your Web browser to the Hunger Site at 
and click on the "Donate Free Food" button.  Every time you click on
that button, one of the Hunger Site's sponsors donates 3 cents to the
organization running the Hunger Site's Web page.  Of that 3 cents,
approximately 2.58 cents is sent to an international relief
organization [currently the donations are going to the United Nations
World Food Program].  You can only click on the "Donate Free Food"
button once every 24 hours.  Still, if you are looking for a way to
make a small difference in the life of someone suffering from hunger
and malnutrition, add the Hunger Site to your bookmarks and try to
visit it once a day.
[Oh, before I forget: the Southern Word homepage at has FINALLY been updated.]
MAUL-ANAR (phrase).  A measurement of speed.
Usage: "Mercy!  That Dale Earnhardt musta been goin 200 maul-anar."
[Special thanks to George Bratiotis for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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