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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Bob's Top Ten - Part II
Since we didn't do a BEST OF TOURBUS series this year, I've decided
to go back through the archives and summarize the top ten issues I
thought were the most interesting from the last twelve months.  In
the July 27 issue, I started with "Bob's Top Five", so I guess we'll
call this one "Bob's Other Top Five".  Lots of people wrote to say
they enjoyed this type of recap, so I hope you find this one as
useful as the last.  (Check the archives if you missed it.)
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Sorry this issue is a bit late.  I was out of action all day Tuesday,
due to a nasty sinus/migraine combo.  My family was ready to dump me
on the curb, but I managed to save myself by whimpering "I'm not dead
yet."  Today I'm back among the living, and I have some good news
to report:
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If you missed it in July, you can still go to the PlanetRx website and
choose 3 health & beauty products, absolutely FREE.  You pay only
minimal shipping.  I can verify the offer is bonafide and there are no
strings attached, since I got my freebies in the mail very quickly.
To pick your 3 for Free, click on the link below, or copy and paste
the entire link into your browser.  (The actual address for the
PlanetRx promotion is rather long and ugly, so I've created a link
page on the Tourbus website, which takes you there.)
   PlanetRx - 
The PlanetRx promo is for US residents only (sorry!) and it expires
in a few days - so hop on over and take advantage of this offer today.
And now, on with "Bob's Other Top Five" ...
 Stuff for Kids
Back in January we took a rollicking tour of the best the web has to
offer for kids.  Let's revisit a few sites that are full of ideas for
kids who want to have fun online, as well as goodies for parents
and teachers.
 - YAHOOLIGANS is a web guide just for kids, with the same basic look
   and feel of Yahoo.  Categories include Around the World, School
   Bell, Art Soup, Science & Oddities, Computers & Games, Sports,
   News and Entertainment.  This is one place my 11-year old visits
   often when she's looking for something fun to do the web.
     Yahooligans - 
 - THE KIDS ON THE WEB is an excellent site maintained as a labor
   of love by Internet luminary Brendan Kehoe.  KOTW has links for
   Fun Stuff, Pen Pals, Homework Tools, Children's Books & Stories,
   and Things for Teens.  You could spend days exploring all these
   links, and Brendan adds about 100 new ones every month.
     Kids on the Net - 
 Online Genealogy
In February of 1999 we delved into genealogy - the process of
discovering our family roots.  With a tip of the hat to Alex Haley,
here are some of the best starting points for online genealogical
research, tools, and software.
 - ANCESTRY.COM is billed as the largest, free online database of
   family files available.  They also offer the Social Security Death
   Index and free lessons in genealogy research,
 - CYNDI'S LIST is a comprehensive index to over 49,000 genealogical
   resources on the Internet.  Includes links to genealogical
   resources in many different countries.
 Sick of Spam?
Lots of people write asking what to do about spam - that unwanted
email that clogs your inbox with promises of fast money, weight loss,
stock tips, porno sites, etc.  In the March 9 issue, I gave my take
on what works, what doesn't, and tips you can use to stem the flow.
Basically, my advice boiled down to "Press the Delete key and get on
with your life".  But this prompted responses from several readers
that I thought were quite good, so I summarized these letters in a
TOURBUS PLUS issue.  I strongly recommend you read the "Sick of Spam?"
article in the Tourbus archives, then the followup letters at: 
 Online Investing
If you're an investor, there are lots of great resources on the Net
that will help you keep track of your portfolio, keep up with the
latest market news, do company research, and even do your trading
online.  Here's a recap of the March 23 issue which will point you in
the right direction if you're looking for a little help finding the
best stock market and financial websites.
 - YAHOO FINANCE is one of my favorite sites - in the "highly useful"
   section of my bookmarks.  At Yahoo Finance, you get a lot more than
   stock quotes and closing prices.  You can track the value of your
   investment portfolio, view price history graphs, get related news
   stories, access Market Guide's company profiles, or view Zack's
   stock market research.
 - ONLINE BROKERS have captured 30% of the retail investor market. If
   you want to join the fray, here are a few online brokerages that
   are rated highly:
     E*Trade - 
     DLJ Direct - 
 Internet Faxing
Don't have a fax machine?  This is no longer a problem, thanks
to some nifty Internet services that allow you to send and receive
faxes using email.  Here's a summary of online fax thingies that
we covered back in the April 20 issue.
 - EFAX is a service that lets you receive all your faxes at your
   existing email address!  With eFax, you get your own personal
   fax number, and it's totally FREE!  When someone wants to send
   you a fax, they dial your eFax number.  Your fax is received at
   the eFax Service Center, and then forwarded to your email address.
 - FAXAWAY is great because if you know how to send email, you can
   use the FAXAWAY service to send faxes all over the world. It's
   not free, but they do offer a free trial which a few faxes by
   email.  To sign up, visit
 - THE FAX FAQ by Kevin Savetz is chock full of answers to the question
   "How can I send a fax from the Internet?"  I'm ashamed to admit I
   forgot to include this excellent resource in my earlier postings.
That's all for now, see you next time!   --Bob Rankin
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