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On with the show ...
The Internet v. The Web
Last week, I commented that
      [w]ith as much attention that the World Wide Web has generated
      over the past couple of years, it is easy to understand why some
      folks think that the Internet and the World Wide Web are
      synonymous.  That's unfortunate, because there's a lot more to
      the Net than HTML and Web pages
Of course, this brings up an obvious question: "what, exactly, IS the
difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?"  To answer
that question, let me ask you another: what is the difference between
the University of Alabama (my alma mater) and the University of
Alabama's Department of Economics (the folks who foolishly gave me my
bachelor's degree)?  Are the University and the University's Economics
Department one in the same?  Of course not.
The University of Alabama includes EVERYTHING that falls under the
University "umbrella": the campus' buildings, the professors, the
students, the books in the library, the football coach and his shower,
the campus' two parking spaces ... EVERYTHING!  The Department of
Economics is just a subset of the University, and it includes
everything used to teach the "dismal science."
Well, the same analogy works with the Internet.  The Internet is
EVERYTHING that is connected to, and available through, the "network
of networks" that connects us all.  The World Wide Web is just a
subset of the Internet and it includes all of the stuff you can access
through a "Web browser."  What is a Web browser?  It is a computer
program you use to access the Web (Netscape Navigator and Microsoft
Internet Explorer are two popular Web browsers).
In short, you use a Web browser to access the Web, and the Web is just
a subset of the Internet.  What else is available on the Internet
besides the Web?  Email ... and email lists (how's THAT for a segue?).
In my last post we visited two great email newsletters: NeatNetTricks
and FOCUS on TOP WEB LINKS.  Today's post tells you about two of my
favorite "editorial" email newsletters: Seidman's Online Insider and
the Tweney Report.
Seidman's Online Insider
I've spent the past thirty minutes trying to come up with a clever way
to introduce you to Robert Seidman's "Online Insider."  The best
introduction I could come up with is to say that Online Insider is a
free, semi-frequent editorial newsletter that discusses the online
world in general and online business (especially AOL) in particular.
In the most recent issue of Online Insider, Seidman rants about the
myth that the Net started back in 1994, offers an in-depth look at the
AOL/Microsoft messaging wars, and even shares his recent experience
with the new Tivo personal TV recorder.  Issue after issue, Seidman
explains complicated issues in language that everyone can understand
while at the same time offering comments and opinions on issues that
are of interest to even the grayest of Net gurus.  In fact, Seidman's
Online Insider is one of the few Internet email newsletters I
consistently recommend to everyone, regardless of Net experience.
You can read the latest issue of Online Insider on the Web at .
You can also find an archive of Siedman's previous articles at .
To subscribe to Online Insider and have the free, monthly issues
delivered to your email inbox, just send a blank email letter to
If your email program can handle Web pages, you can sign up for an
HTML version of Online Insider instead.  To do this, send an e-mail
letter to
And, of course, you can always subscribe to Online Insider on the Web
at .
The Tweney Report
Our second and last stop of the day is at the Tweney Report.  Written
by Dylan Tweney, the Tweney Report is a free, weekly newsletter that
focuses on Internet business news and analysis.  In fact, the Tweney
Report is a little like Seidman's Online Insider (I even learned about
Tweney from Seidman).
Each week, Tweney discusses three major Internet news stories or
issues, sharing with you both his well-reasoned comments as well as
links to where you learn more about a particular story or issue.  What
I like the most about the Tweney Report is its brevity -- most Tweney
Reports are only a page or two long.
Like Online Insider, you can read the latest issue of the Tweney
Report on the Web.  Just point your browser to .
To subscribe to the Tweney Report for free, either send a blank email
message to
or key in your email address and name in the appropriate box at  :)
The Urban Legend That Melts in Your Email, Not in Your Hands ...
As continuing proof that the brightness knob on my computer doesn't
work, I offer the following gem that has been cluttering up email
inboxes over the past couple of weeks:
      Hi.  My name is Jeffrey Newieb.  I am a marketing analyst for
      M&Ms chocolate candies based in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  As the
      year 2000 approaches, we want to be the candy of the millennium
      ... We are asking you to pass on this e-mail to 5 friends ...
      Everytime [this message] reaches 2000 people, you will receive a
      free case (100 individual 55 gram packs)of delicious M & M
It is a cute story, but there's just one problem: M&Ms come from the
M&M/Mars company in Hackettstown, New Jersey, not from the Hershey
Foods Corporation in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  In fact, M&M/Mars and
Hershey are bitter rivals.  You'd think that the "marketing analyst
for M&Ms" would know that.
Obviously, this is yet another "forward an email message to all of
your friends and something great will happen" story.  Unfortunately,
if you forward the "free M&Ms" email to all of your friends, you won't
receive any candy.  You'll only make yourself look silly to your
friends and peers.  And I guess that is the whole point of this and
other Internet hoaxes.
For more information about both the free M&M hoax and all of its
ancestors (remember the "free trip to Disney" hoax?), take a look at
Barbara Mikkelson's wonderful "Thousand Dollar Bill" article at .
That's it for this week!  I have a few more email newsletters to share
with you -- including ZDNet's Anchor Desk -- but we'll save those for
a future post.  :)
LOT BUB (noun).  A light-emitting device.
Usage: "That boy's about as bright as a burned out lot bub."
[Special thanks to Dena D. Pinkard for today's wurd]
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