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If you spent any amount of time in video arcades as a kid, or you enjoy playing card and board games, this issue of Tourbus will get you all warm and fuzzy. As always, please visit the websites of our kind sponsors, and then let the games begin!

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Remember the great video games of the late 70's and 80's? I spent many an afternoon (and many a quarter) playing games like Galaxian, Galaga, PacMan, Donkey Kong, Q-Bert, and Frogger when I was a teenager with time on my hands.

============================== CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES ARE BACK ==============================

It's rare to find these games in an arcade these days, but thanks to some clever programmers, you can play them on your own PC. To do so, you'll need two things which sound a bit geeky, but I'll do my best to explain...

EMULATORS - software programs that allow your computer to act like the actual hardware of a classic arcade game - are one part of the picture. Emulators are available for most popular arcade systems of the pre-1992 era. Once you've got the virtual hardware (the emulator), you need a game to actually do anything with it.

ROMS - are the other half of the equation. A ROM (or disk image) is a copy of the original game in its original format, stored in a PC file. An emulator will load the ROM for a particular game, and it flashes up on your screen just like you remember it.

I Wanna Kill Some Aliens - Where is The Good Stuff? ---------------------------------------------------

I suggest you start at for a wealth of information on emulators, ROMs, how they work, and where to download them.

<A href=""> </A>

It's a good idea to read the Classic Gaming Newbie Guide, since it explains all the terminology, and delves into the legal issues of playing these old games via emulation. Technically, using some of these ROMs is a copyright violation, but only offers games for discontinued systems that are no longer making their manufacturer (if they still exist) any money. Read up and let your conscience be your guide.

============================== CLASSIC BOARD GAMES AT YAHOO ==============================

At the Yahoo Games site you can choose to play any of nineteen different classic board or card games, all for free. Here's a a partial list:

Board Games: Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Go, Reversi, MahJong Card Games: Blackjack, Bridge, Gin, Poker, Hearts, Pinochle, Spades

These games are all Java-based so you can play with or against other people in real-time across the Internet. No extra software or plug-ins are needed - just your browser - but they do recommend Netscape Communicator 4 or Internet Explorer 5 for best results. (WebTV is not supported, since it lacks Java.)

So go ahead, gather the old bridge foursome in cyberspace instead of Aunt May's parlor. You'll enjoy playing these fun games with old friends or new friends at Yahoo Games, and you can even yack it up with live chat during the play. Just be patient when the games are starting up - some of them take a few minutes to get rolling.

<A href=""> </A>

That's all for now - see you next time! -- Bob Rankin

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