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Welcome to another week on the Internet Tourbus!  In today's issue,
we'll check out some online games, find out how to get free Y2K
Survival Spam, and solve the problem of entering the same data over
and over in online forms.
As always, please visit our kind sponsors, check out what they have
to offer, and then on with the tour!
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Lately I've been competing more with my kids for computer time.  And
it's all the fault of Lenny Loosejocks and his pals at Ezone.  This
very clever free online game site was created by two Australian
brothers, Jamie and Simon Edis.  Since 1996 they've developed more
than 100 online games, including over twenty Lenny Loosejocks
My daughter Anna is 11 and she's partial to Lenny Loosejocks in Space
(Beta) because "you can visit lots of planets and disarm the bombs
before the Sluggees blow them up."  Sarah is 13 and partial to the
Lenny Loosejocks Goes Walkabout adventure game.  "It's fun because
you can collect all the icons along the way and then pick out a
prize," she says.  Some of the other Ezone titles include:
  - Spacer Racers
  - It's Turkey Time!
  - Lenny Loosejocks in Bunyip Bash!
  - Lenny Loosejocks in Cane Toad Explode!
  - Jellyfish Splat
  - Lenny Loosejocks Sluggee Shoot-out
  - Lenny Loosejocks Goes to Pluto
  - Stinkball
  - Lenny Loosejocks in Learn to Speak Australian
The Ezone games are targetted towards 11-15 year olds, but I enjoy
sneaking into "Lenny Land" once in a while myself.  I recommend them
if you're looking for good clean online fun with no blood, guts or
off-color stuff.  And yes, both Windows and Mac users can play these
games, which require the Macromedia Shockwave plugin (also a free
Good news!  You can forget about stocking up for Y2K.  That is, if
you're the winner of the PowerStudents Y2K Bunker Contest.  This is a
contest for high school and college students in which the winner
receives $10,000 worth of prizes to furnish a "Y2K Bunker" and
welcome the new millennium in style and comfort.
One lucky student will win a prize list that includes a 300MHz laptop
computer, a set of two-way radios, a handheld television, mountain
tent, sleeping bag, a year's supply of Twinkies or SPAM, clean
underwear, toilet paper, all the batteries you'll ever need - and
most importantly, a Weebot Robot Pet and Foosball table.  (It's not
clear whether the Weebot is programmed to play Foosball.)
I did check and this contest is open to non-US students, so if you're
interested in entering, visit here: 
Gator is a nifty online companion that automatically fills out web
forms and remembers your login names and passwords.  When you're
confronted with a login, registration or order form online, Gator
pops up and fills in the form for you with just one click.  This can
save you a lot of typing and brain-racking if you use a number of
sites that require logins, or if you're a frequent online shopper.
Tired of typing in the same information dozens of times when making
online purchases?  Gator will optionally store your personal
information (such as name, address, and credit card number) in an
encrypted file on your computer, and then fill in your order forms.
If you've heard about "digital wallets" and wondered what they were,
this is it.  You're in control of the information that goes in or out
of Gator, and your personal information is never given out to any
third party.
I've been using Gator for a while, and I really like it.  Every time
the little green guy pops up and asks if he can fill in a form for
me, I'm glad I took the time to download him.  (Gator works only on
Win95/98/NT systems.)  Tourbus riders can get $100 worth of discount
coupons for popular online shopping sites when they download Gator.
Click here: 
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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