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    Hurricane Floyd / Yahoo Full Coverage
Howdy, y'all, and greetings from charming Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Bob
and I swapped days this week to confuse you.  Actually, I have to
drive to Toledo later this week for a wedding, so I asked Bob if I
could send out Tuesday's post instead of Thursday's.  :)
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On with the show ...
Hurricane Floyd
The east coast of the United States is about to be hammered by one of
the biggest storms in history: Hurricane Floyd.  Hurricanes are
cyclones that develop over the warm tropical oceans and have sustained
winds in excess of 74 miles per hour (119 kilometers per hour or 64
knots) [1, 2].  Hurricane intensity is rated on a scale of 1 to 5
using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale:
      Category 1:     Winds 74-95 mph (119-153 kph or 64-82 kt.).
      Category 2:     Winds 96-110 mph (154-177 kph or 83-95 kt.).
      Category 3:     Winds 111-130 mph (178-209 kph or 96-113 kt.).
      Category 4:     Winds 131-155 mph (210-249 kph or 114-135 kt.).
      Category 5:     Winds greater than 155 mph (249 kph or 135 kt.)
As of a few moments ago, Hurricane Floyd is (and remains) a dangerous
category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph.  Hurricane
force winds extended outward up to 124 miles from Floyd's center, and
tropical storm force winds extended outward up to 205 miles [4].
Hurricane warnings are now in effect from Boca Raton, Florida, to
Little River Inlet, South Carolina, and a massive evacuation of over
2.5 million people along most of the US southern Atlantic coast is
currently underway.  CNN reports that this is largest peacetime
evacuation in US history.
The most recent Weather Service bulletins report "Hurricane Floyd is
stronger and larger than Hurricane Hugo when it made landfall."  Hugo
claimed 49 lives in the United States (and 71 lives overall) and
caused over US$4.2 billion in damage [3].
Reuters reports that Hurricane Floyd's projected path could take it to
a landfall at Beaufort, South Carolina, at about 11 PM Wednesday with
strongest winds about 20 miles away, in historic downtown Savannah,
Georgia [4].  [This could change over the next couple of hours, though.]
According to the Saffir-Simpson scale, a category 4 hurricane
generates a
      Storm surge generally 13-18 feet above normal, more extensive
      curtainwall failures with some complete roof structure failures
      on small residences.  Shrubs, trees, and all signs are blown
      down.  Complete destruction of mobile homes. Extensive damage to
      doors and windows.  Low-lying escape routes may be cut by rising
      water 3-5 hours before arrival of the hurricane center.  Major
      damage to lower floors of structures near the shore.  Terrain
      lower than 10 feet above sea level may be flooded requiring
      massive evacuation of residential areas as far inland as 6 miles
      (10 km) [2]
Almost every major online news site in the US is covering this story,
but (once again) the folks at Yahoo's Full Coverage section offer the
most in-depth information.  You can find Yahoo's Hurricane Floyd
section at .
Yahoo's Full Coverage section offers:
      - The latest news stories from both the national press (AP, ABC,
        CNN, and so on) and from local newspapers covering the local
        impact of the hurricane
      - Links to almost two dozen hurricane related Web sites [this is
        a GREAT resource!]
      - Emergency information including evacuation routes and emergency
        telephone numbers
      - Satellite and radar imagery of the hurricane [if you haven't
        seen the satellite images of Hurricane Floyd yet, you really
        should check this out.  Floyd is MIND-BOGGLINGLY huge!  It is
        BIGGER than Florida!]
      - Audio news stories from NPR, BBC, and even FEMA (the Federal
        Emergency Management Agency)
      - Video news reports from CNN, CBC News, and ITN.
I also recommend that you visit and bookmark the National Weather
Service's Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) homepage at .
The IWIN homepage is not much to look at, but it contains up-to-the-
minute information about every weather-related watch or warning in the
United States.  IWIN offers four different interfaces:
      - An "animated graphics" interface
        [ ]
        This offers multiple, live animations including weather maps,
        satellite imagery, and radar summaries.  Unfortunately, this
        page is HUGE (approximately 300K), so patience and a fast Net
        connection are virtues.
      - An "enhanced graphics" version
        [ ]
        This is the same as the animated graphics interface, without
        the animation.  :)
      - A "graphics" version
        [ ]
        This is perhaps the best example of a 1995-era Web page I have
        seen in a while.
      - A "text" version
        [ ]
        This is designed for the folks who still long for the days of
        Gopher.  :)
As I said, IWIN isn't much to look at, but the depth of the
information it provides is outstanding (for example, IWIN is the best
place to turn for a complete list of weather warnings in Florida,
Georgia, and the Carolinas).  And, best of all, IWIN is a National
Weather Service site, so all of its information comes "straight from
the horse's mouth."
[1] Hurricanes: online meteorology guide
[2] Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
[3] US Hurricanes
[4] "Floyd Bashes Bahamas, Skirts Florida Heading North"
More on Yahoo Full Coverage
Sadly, Hurricane Floyd isn't the only tragedy taking place right now.
East Timor is currently in disarray, Turkey is recovering from a
second earthquake, Moscow is reeling from several bombings ...
To find out more about any of these stories, check out Yahoo's Full
Coverage Section at .
Yahoo's staff scours the Net each day looking for important news
events.  Once they find an important event, they create a page that
gives you links to everything you could possibly want to know about
that particular news event.
Long-time TOURBUS riders will notice that this is a new address for
Yahoo's Full Coverage section (and, let me add, it is about time the
folks at Yahoo stopped hiding the Full Coverage section -- hands down,
this is my favorite Yahoo service).  :)
That's it for this week.  Bob will be talking to you in a few days.
Until then, please keep the people on the US east coast (and in East
Timor, Turkey, and Moscow) in your thoughts and prayers.
    Hurricane Floyd / Yahoo Full Coverage
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[Special thanks to a Talladega, Alabama, Texaco radio commercial for
today's wurd]
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