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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Do You Mind?
Have you ever found a really nifty web page that said "come back often
to check for new information"?  Great, there's another brick in your
information anxiety wall.  Fortunately, there are tools to help cut
down on electronic angst and bring you the information you need, when
you need it.  Thank today's sponsors for keeping the Bus rolling, then
read on to learn how to make the web sit up, bark, and fetch for you.
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 Netmind's Mind-It Service
Wouldn't it be nice if you could receive an AUTOMATIC notification
when a web page was updated, instead of having to remember to check
back every so often?
Mind-It does exactly that - it's a FREE service that allows you to
track almost anything that you can see in your browser.  Mind-It keeps
tabs on the web pages (or specific portions thereof) that you specify,
and sends you an email when something new appears there.  It's even
smart enough to ignore "unimportant" changes like rotating ad banners.
Mind-It can also track password-protected pages, dynamically generated
pages, database-driven content, and dynamic HTML.  Here are some
practical examples:
- Suppose a website publishes an occasional financial or medical
  report that you just don't want to miss.  Mind-It can send you
  an email notification when the report comes out.
- Maybe you're into baseball...  How about telling Mind-It to notify
  you when your favorite sports site puts up the daily standings?
- You enjoy the music of a certain performer, and you're waiting for
  news of an upcoming release.  Tell Mind-It to keep an eye on the
  "What's New" page at the performer's website.
You can probably think of a half-dozen pages that you visit often,
just to see if anything is new.  Mind-It can save you the trouble
by telling you when it's time to go back and see new information.
The Minder Wizard
Each of the examples above dealt with "page minding", or a "tell me
when this web page changes" type of monitoring.  But you can use the
Minder Wizard tool do more precise monitoring, such as:
- Precision Tracking: a way to monitor the changes to a specific part
  of a Web page.  Other changes on that page will be ignored, but
  when the text in that area is updated, Mind-it will notify you.
- Image Minding: allows you to monitor changes to the images that
  appear on a page.  This actually monitors changes to the names (not
  the content) of the images that are used in a Web page, so if a page
  had an image named chart-sep99.gif and it changed to chart-oct99.gif
  you'd be notified.
- Link Minding: lets you to monitor changes in any of the hyperlinks
  that are part of a page, so that you know if it is dead or alive.
  These are part of the HTML that is embedded in the page. This
  feature is useful for monitoring external links to your site.
- Keyword Minding: lets you watch for any keywords or phrases that
  you choose. Mind-it sends you an email when one of your keywords
  arrives, changes, or disappears.
Everyone Can Play!
Both Mind-It and the Minder Wizard are entirely web-based, which means
there is no software to install on your computer.  That means you can
use Mind-It on a computer running Windows, Mac, Linux or OS/2, or
whatever you like.  All you need is a web browser and an email inbox.
Just remember, the Minder Wizard is optional, but it allows you to
track at a level of detail that's not possible with the standard
Mind-It page minder.  The folks who run NetMind have been offering
the free Mind-It service for several years, and I give them a hearty
endorsement.  Check it out at: 
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That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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