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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Rider's Revenge #9
One of my favorite things about Tourbus is hearing from readers and
then passing along the sites THEY think are cool, fun or useful.
Today's Rider's Revenge contains some really fun and interesting
destinations that you'll be sure to enjoy.  And don't miss the
Thanksgiving Hunt at the end of this issue!
You can find other "Revenge" issues in the Tourbus archives at - but first, a few words from the great
sponsors who keep the Bus rolling...
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Ann from Brenham, Texas writes about:
I've been a long time tourbus rider, and I look forward to my
Tuesday-ish and Thursday-ish newsletters as well as Tourbus Plus which
I've subscribed to since it began. As an instructional technology
person in the public schools, I often use your archives to teach
others about the Internet, and I forward your newsletters often,
inviting people to hop on the bus.
Ed: A little flattery goes a long way.  :-)
Just wanted to share a really nice site devoted to fine art called The
Artchive. I don't think that I've seen it mentioned on the bus before,
but it is a wonderful collection that is maintained by a fellow Texan
(yes, we are a proud group) by the name of Mark Harden. It contains
over 2000 scans of artwork by more than 200 artists and Mark says the
only constant will be change as he updates and adds to the collection.
I was very impressed, and I'm not even an art major.  
Dave from Miami, Florida(?) writes about:
Dejanews is great but it's a bit bulky, what with all the non-Usenet
related stuff they've infused their site with, so this light weight
front end is just the ticket. Not only is it much quicker, but search
results are displayed in the "Deja classic" format, which I much
prefer to the cluttered screen they switched to.    
The second address provides a quick lookup on an author's posting
history, message retrieval by ID and a search engine that gives "best
fit" newsgroups based on search terms, and there's also links to a
Usenet heirarchy browser and a "Message Nuker". Once you try this
site, you'll never load again.
Trevor from Edmonton, Alberta writes about:
I came upon a really neat site designed to help families communicate.
The site,, is a meeting place where members can chat,
leave messages or upload files (files, sounds, video and pictures even
have their own separate areas). If I've read everything correctly, you
get a whopping 75 MB of space!
The neat thing about MyFamily is that it's not so much a web site, but
a meeting place designed for communication. As each "member" leaves
comments or files, an e-mail is sent out to the other members letting
them know what's up. Be sure to check out the testimonials.  It's not
the easiest thing to find the link to actually set up your account,
but it's really worth the time. I enjoyed the column and love the
newsletter - keep up the good work!!  
Bela from Taby, Sweden writes about:
Here's a site suggestion for the Tourbus - The Genuine Haiku
Generator. This elegant, simple site presents meaningful, random,
Javascript-generated haiku. I hope you enjoy the it.  
Madeleine Kane from Bayside, NY writes about:
Hi.  I enjoy your publication and would appreciate your considering my
humor column site for a mention. Here's the info:
Description: Madeleine Begun Kane writes humor columns about
everything that irks her: from computers, money, and cars to
employers, home repairs, and husbands. Fortunately, most things irk
her, so she never runs out of material ... and she's always "Raising
Pat Anderson from Ann Arbor Michigan writes about:
Saw your *very* nice issue devoted to web searching gurus, and thought
you might also want to be aware of the Megasite Project, which focuses
on how to find *health* information on the web.  Co-authored by Nancy
Allee and myself, we receive frequent requests to reproduce portions
of the site for classes or training sessions for health students and
professionals all around the U.S.  You can find this at:  
Dan Swadley from Fair Grove, Missouri writes about:
We have updated our Thanksgiving Hunt for last year, and it is ready
for you and your students to enjoy.  Your students will really enjoy
this hunt!!!!  The entire hunt can be done online.  When you click on
the site, you will see a list of questions with URLs that will take
you to where the answer can be found. Most of the questions require
some looking, but in the end students will learn a lot about how to
navigate the Internet, how to do something other than play games and
maybe learn a little about Thanksgiving  
Keys, printable answer sheets, and hints and tips can be found at:  
Time for an update on my participation in the AllAdvantage program...
This is the deal where you get paid 50 cents an hour to surf the Net,
and more by referring others to the program.  Two months ago, I
reported that I was happy to have received a check for $66.92.
Little did I know how fast this thing would snowball.  My check from
AllAdvantage for last month was an incredible $1085.82.  If these
folks are going to pay my mortgage, I'll gladly give up an inch of my
With just a bit of effort, anyone can earn $100 per month or more,
just for surfing the Net!  If you're going to be online anyway, you
might as well get paid for your time.  To learn more, click on the
link below. You can even see a copy of my checks from AllAdvantage: 
That's all for now - see you next time!   --Bob Rankin
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